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Our Mission :
We strive to become the best Mathematics and Statistics educators offering most effective, affordable coaching, high expectation Math curriculum, so that our students can be best prepared for college scholarships and Math/Science related careers.

What subjects are covered in the TutorTeddy program?
TutorTeddy offers students online and face-to-face coaching sessions across grades (and college levels) in General Math, Arithmetic, Algebra, Statistics, Probability, Calculus, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Linear Algebra.

How can I take FREE IMT (Intelligent Math Testing)?
IMT tells us how the student is doing compared to students in Asia or Europe. To take the test, please send us an email to imt@aafter (dot) com (make the last part aafter.com). Include the age and grade of the student(s). We will send you link(s) for the IMT. For any confusion, call us at 866-930-6363.

How are the products priced?

At TutorTeddy, we offer online tuition at the most affordable rates.

(a) New students can ask for help from our online tutors for 20 minutes Absolutely Free. (For one time only) Try it Now Free

(b) Get 1 homework problem done.. Only 99 cents.

(c) High Expectation Math Curriculum and Coaching Service

(d) Our Premium Product: While we follow the state curriculum in Mathematics, we also make sure to bring you up to the standard at par with international curriculum on the subject. As a tool to enhance your math skill we offer unlimited printable Worksheets and Intelligent Math Test for a period of 30 days. IMT is a proven test that determines your progress comparing your peers in other parts of the world like India and China. Our online tutors, who are mostly engineers, are ready to help you whenever needed. Subscribe $149 to get unlimited math worksheet + special IMT + unlimited help from our live tutors FOR 30 DAYS!!!

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[ Email your Statistics or Math problems to tutor@aafter.com (camera phone photos are OK) ]

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