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Acct 207 Managerial Accounting

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Acct 207 Managerial Accounting

Camosun College


This report talks about accounting at starting levels which are based on non accounting principles only.

It includes managerial analysis, which is basically management based report. The course basically includes

  • Management reports

  • Variable costing

  • Budgeting

This course is designed in a way so that accounts seems easy to non accounting students. It focuses on basic of accounting which can be easily understood by them. This course makes accounting easy as well interesting for students in long run. Below is the outline of the course:-

Managerial Accounting:

This part is concerned with the accounting principles for managers. It will help them to better usage and control over accounting. It enables improved decision making for them. It compromise of general accounting principles to deal with shareholders, creditors and government.

Variable Costing:

It is cost with regularly incurred by a business. It keeps changing with the Output of the business. It is noticed that the variable cost keep changing were fixed cost do not change in certain duration of time. For non accounting students the direct part of variable cost can be easily understood than compare to the indirect cost. This course contents works on the indirect cost part also by giving various examples related to it.


In simple language it can be stated as a expenditure plan for certain year. It can be consider as forecasting true expenditure. This course has reduced the complexity associated with the budget making and ensures easily accomplishment of budget related goal.


The course is explained by the case studies, general accounting questions, accounting principles from management point of view. The students are require to go all the chapters in course and create interest in accounting simultaneously.

Homework and Assignment

The homework is given on the weekly bases with similar example with given question.


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