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ACCT 250 Professional Accounting Software

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ACCT 250 Professional Accounting Software

University of Phoenix


This course is designed so as to make use of accounting software to support practical application of financial statements, auditing and taxation and practice using MS Excel, MS word and access database software. The topics that are covered under this course are

  • Recording of financial statements in the computer software by making use of MS-Office tools or any other tools.

  • Use of auditing software for recording the matters related to auditing.

  • Use of taxation software for recording the matters related to taxations

Prerequisites of the course

The student before applying for this course should have done ACCT 210 AND BUS 140 than only he will be eligible for applying to this course.

Content of the course

  • Financial accounting:

    • Bookkeeping accounting

    • Preparation of profit and loss accounts, and balance sheet

  • Auditing:

    • Planning an audit

    • Preparing an audit plan

    • Audit a section of a company.

  • Taxation:

    • About Canadian personal income tax

    • About Canadian corporate income tax.

    • Assessing of tax paid by individual and firm

    • Computation of taxable income


The full course is divided into lectures, presentations, assessment, online test and final exams. It is the requirement of this course is to go through the material provided which will help in applying of theoretical knowledge into practical application software and will also help the student in understanding about the payroll remittances.


The homework will be given on daily basis so as to have good understanding of how to use accounting software tools in recording the transaction and calculating it. Assignments will be given on weekly basis which will be checked within the assigned date.


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