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ACCT 420 Management Cost Accounting 3

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ACCT 420 Management Cost Accounting 3

University of Phoenix


Management cost accounting is a process of collecting , analysing, summarizing and the various alternative course of action. management cost is a very important part of the account.It is the process of planning & controlling of a business transaction from one person to another person. It is a proffessional accounting system.

The topic that are covered under this course are;

  • Standard cost account

  • MRP

  • General accouning& finance vs accounting

  • Job & contract accounting.

  • Joint product and by product costing.

Overview of the Course

This course provide the extra knowldge of the students.Management cost accounting automatically purchasing the all transaction. It is also provide extensive cost.

Outline of the Course

  • Scope of mangement.

  • Discuss the planning& management concepts.

  • Discuss the project cost management.

  • Discuss the project of human resources.

Learning Objectives

This course is applying the knowledge and always solve the problems. Students shall be develop in the funtional areas of accounting. Management cost accounting to identify and apply the (AICPA).It is always included the cost accounting,skills and tools& financial accounting principles or Managerial accounting principles.


This course provide the information about the cost &, cash. This course are divided into the project files,assignment& lectures,projects etc. This book will always included the basics& concepts and.the students in easily understanding.


This course will be a weekly assigement of the cost & cash accounting.There will be a examination text and there end of the chapter.There wiil be a practicing the ,so as to have a clear this topic.


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