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Accounting 25th edition

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Accounting 25th edition

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Accounting 25th edition

ISBN: 1133607608

ISBN-13: 9781133607601

Authors: Carl S Warren, James M Reeve, Jonathan Duchac

Details of the book:

Best seller book in the market which has changed the mechanism of teaching and learning. Up to date and effective examples clear all the doubt of the students and enhance the learning curve. Author has gathered and stream lined all the information with high impact of writing skills. In this particular book author has engaged students in solving question and answers with examples which are also helpful in the completion of their homework and online study. Authors used experimental, inventive and unique content for the students so that they have to come prepared and proactive. There are several topics like: Activation exercises, leads students to more data knowledge in depth and end up with correct analysis. Authors used versatile, crisp and simple language which is easily interpreted by teachers and students.

The book contains the following:

  • What is accounts and how it is helpful in business? Examination and Interpretation of transaction.

  • Complete knowledge of adjusting process and accounting cycle and system.

  • Assets are explained: Fixed and Intangible

  • Inventories, cash flow,budgeting,job order costing

  • Analysis of capital Investment

  • Current liabilities and Liabilities for long term : notes and bonds

  • Analysis of cost behavior and cost volume profit

  • Performance Evaluation for decentralized operations and standard cost using variances

  • Accounting for merchandise and limited liability companies and for partnerships

  • Appendix contains Tables, Entries, and Annual Reports etc.

  • Each chapter contains summary and exercise.


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