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Accounting Information Systems 11th edition

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Accounting Information Systems 11th edition

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Accounting Information Systems 11th edition

ISBN: 0132871939

ISBN-13: 9780132871938

Authors: George H Bodnar, William S Hopwood

Details of the book:

Accounting Information Systems 11th edition is complete coverage of Trade procedure, Deal cycles and Inner controls.

Best seller book which gives the complete and supple coverage of the four main approaches to understand Accounting Information System. Mentors can easily rearrange sections and focus on what is requirement:

  • Contract cycle and its controls

  • Structure life sequence

  • File and Statistics modeling

  • Controls related to computers, scam and evaluation.

The eleventh edition presents modernized knowledge and a new section covering scam/ fraud.

Special Features in the 11th edition:

This textbook is modified and redrafted to integrate current developments, at the same time used the special features that have made previous editions painless to use. Detailed changes:

  1. COSO-ERM model is highlighted

  2. COBIT groundwork is covered

  3. Computer scam methodology is discussed in detail

  4. Data Safety countermeasures are discussed

  5. Access & Excel workouts are added

  6. Questions and Problems are discussed in End of Each Section

Incorporated Case Lessons:

Integrated case study is given in each section that initiates key logics and categorize numerous key problems or matter that a learner should be capable to crack after mastering the material offered in that section. Case is discussed all through the section and than summary gives the answers to the questions and the problems elevated in the case.

Focal Point boxes and Genuine World Illustrations:

Focal Point boxes and Genuine World Illustrations are accessible all through the book to guide the learners how organizations are using the current IT progress to enhance their Accounting Information Systems.

Access and Excel Exercises:

Several chapters include Access and Excel practical to help learner to sharpen their computer knowledge.

Complete Glossary:

At the end of book a complete glossary is located which makes it simple to look up at the classification of a range of technical language used in the textbook.

The book contains the following:

  • Component I Theoretical basics of Accounting Information System 1

    • Preamble to Accounting Information System

    • Summary of Business Development

    • System Expansion and Certification Method

    • Data items Table

  • Component II Review and Control of Accounting Information System

    • Mistreatment and Computer scam

    • Accounting Information System and Control system

    • Data system control for system dependability- Section 1: Information Safety

    • Data system control for system dependability- Section 2: Privacy, Confidentiality, Dispensation Reliability and Accessibility

    • Examine Information System which is computer based

  • Component III Function of Accounting Information System

    • Income Cycle: Trade and Cash Assortment

    • Expenses Cycle: Buying and cash Payment

    • Manufacture Cycle

    • HRM and Payroll Set

    • Broadcasting & General Ledger

    • Record Design by means of REA Information model

    • Apply an REA Model in a Data items Table

    • Exceptional Subject in REA Model

  • Component IV System Expansion Procedure

    • Preamble to System growth & system study

    • Approach for Accounting Information System Expansion

    • Execution, System Design and Operation


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