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Accounting Information Systems 3rd edition

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Accounting Information Systems 3rd edition

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Accounting Information Systems 3rd edition

ISBN: 0078025338

ISBN-13: 9780078025334

Authors: Robert Hurt, Robert L Hurt

Details of the book:

Accounting Information Systems 3rd edition plays an important role of information and accounting in understanding Business Processes. This book provides you a firm knowledge and education of Accounting Information Systems and to understand the role of different keywords in the business, and this textbook analyze the business processes that are central to several organizations. Various issues are covered in this book which is connected with accounting information systems.

KEY BENEFIT: Comprehensive and current, popular approaches of AIS are supported by this book: Text also focuses on business deal sets and controls; on structure existence procedure; on directory and statistics modeling; and on computer controls, frauds or scam and analyze.

KEY TOPICS: This book starts with summary and theoretical fundamentals then goes on to talk about how to control and examine the accounting information systems, applications of accounting knowledge systems, last but not the least it explains the systems expansion process.

MARKET: Beneficial for CPAs and commercial accountants.

Features of the book:

Accounting Information Systems in Focus - This book highlights a sequence of AIS issues and profiles where it shows how real companies implement and utilize various AIS tools.

Self study actions allow you to test your knowledge and understanding of the concepts/logics presented in each section. Auditing of accounting information systems restructured in agreement with the current responsibilities of audit committees as mandatory under the Australian Auditing Standards.

The book contains the following:

SECTION ONE: Accounting Information Systems basics

  • Role and function of Accounting Information Systems

  • Transaction exemption in the AID

  • Internal Command

  • Organization Concepts

  • Instruction Systems Logics

SECTION TWO: Documentation Techniques

  • Flowcharts

  • Data Flow Diagrams

  • REA Representation

SECTION THREE: Knowledge Technology in the AIS

  • XBRL

  • E-business & Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

  • Computer Frauds / scams and Information Technology Protection

SECTION FOUR: Business Process

  • Sales or Collections Process

  • Attainment or Payment Process

  • Supplementary or additional Business Processes

SECTION FIVE: Supplementary Topics in AIS

  • Decision Making Models and Information Administration

  • Professionalism, Ethics, Morals & Career Scheduling

  • Evaluating and Assess the AIS Answers Glossary Comprehensive Chapter References Index


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