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College Accounting 12th edition

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College Accounting 12th edition

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College Accounting 12th edition

ISBN: 013277206X

ISBN-13: 9780132772068

Authors: Jeffrey Slater, Jeffrey L Slater

Details of the book:

College Accounting 12th e is considered as back to fundamentals. This edition provides ample of detailed examples and exercise which is considered as a Practical loom, prospect to relate what they study, and an essential outline of accounting in today's contemporary world.


Authors of College Accounting 12th edition used a profession loom which maintains its committed stress on the consequence of the College Accounting content as factual foundation for learner's future curriculum and job, with a better spotlight on teaching the basics of accounting from an occupation expansion approach. This edition gives learner a chance to learn the basics of accounting and then relate these logics.

COLLEGE ACCOUNTING 12th e gives actual world examples and context that maintains the chapter content as significant and important.

The book contains the following:

  • Measures and Logics/ Concepts of Accounting

  • Debit & Credit: Evaluating and Copy Business Dealings

  • Commencement of the Accounting Set

  • Accounting Cycle Sustained

  • Accounting Cycle Concluded

  • Banking Process and Organize of Cash

  • Scheming Pay & Payroll Excise: The Starting of the Payroll Procedure

  • Remunerate, Copy and Coverage Payroll & Payroll Excise: It covers the Convulsion of the Payroll Procedure

  • Deal & Cash Gates

  • Acquisition & Cash Reimbursement

  • Preparation of a Worksheet for a Commodities

  • Wrapping up of the Accounting Set for Commodities

  • Accounting for Dreadful Debts

  • Draft Overdue & Notes Unpaid

  • Accounting for Goods Catalog

  • Accounting for Assets, Place, Apparatus & Intangible Property

  • A complete chapter on Joint Venture

  • Business: Association & Stock

  • Business: Store Values, Bonus, Capital Stocks & Preserve Earnings

  • Business & Bonds Owed

  • Report of Cash Flow

  • Evaluation of Financial report

  • Coupon System

  • Managerial Accounting

  • Accomplishment Accounting


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