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Computer Accounting with Sage 50 Complete Accounting 2013 17th edition

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Computer Accounting with Sage 50 Complete Accounting 2013 17th edition

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Computer Accounting with Sage 50 Complete Accounting 2013 17th edition

ISBN: 0077738446

ISBN-13: 9780077738440

Authors: Carol Yacht

Details of the book:

Sage 50 text is the marketplace chief because of its pedagogy is supreme and integrate true world big businesses; gradual instructions; frequent screen examples; difficult exercises & assignments & a website with supplementary possessions. In this book you study in relation to the bond linking Sage 50 software & basic accounting values, measures & industry developments. The main aim is for the learner to have an operational acquaintance with the software after finishing the lessons with this book.

This textbook educates you how and why to make use of Sage 50 Complete Accounting 2013 software. The Sage family unit of software products which incorporate Sage 50 whole Accounting is the most important global dealer of business organization explanations & services.


The two editions with similar highlights are: Student Edition for personage mechanism & Instructive Version for lecture room mechanism. The dissimilarity is the Learner Version terminates after 1 yr 2 months and the Learner Version and Instructive Edition serial figures vary. The Instructive Edition does not have an instance perimeter.

  • Software mechanism at the commencement of text.

  • All directions, screens imprison & comprehensive steps are dependable with Windows 7/Vista/XP.

  • Macintosh edition is not available in Sage 50.

  • Supplementary possessions for scholars and instructors are provided by Online Learning Center.

  • This edition stress on double entry accounting & industry development is enlightened all over the text. Accounting expertise is useful to all components of successively running an industry.

  • Learners generate 12 corporations finish the accounting set & perform computer accounting expertise. Evaluation is stressed in all chapters.

  • Descriptive PowerPoints for Sections 1-18 Power Points comprise of evaluation Rubrics & study problems.

  • Evaluation Rubrics

  • Verify your statistics. Learners confirm accomplished work.

  • A distinction between Windows 7 & Vista/XP is incorporated in Case Management Sage 50 supplies curriculum and business data.

  • Section directory & end-of-book directory.

  • This textbook explains - Incorporate how and why the customer border is prepared into common ledger, accounts outstanding, accounts owed, record, payroll & work cost.

  • Sage 50's system design is explained by Workflow diagrams.

  • Addendum B, Accounting Information Systems - describes accounting information systems & evaluates Sage 50 to extra accounting software purpose.

  • General dictionary of accounting software conditions.

  • Highlight puzzles and evaluation and analysis scholar's Information of Sage 50's user edge.

  • Section comprises knowledge unbiased, activity and examination query & evaluation rubrics.

  • Collective true & false, multiple choice puzzles

  • Improved Excel incorporation. Section 1 to 18 transfers information to Excel.

    • Every division of the text comprises a prologue.

  • Division 1 discovers Sage 50 absolute Accounting 2013 comprises 8 sections. Learners work with 2 model companionship incorporated with the software ? Bellwether Garden Supply & Stone Arbor Landscaping.

  • Division 2, is helpful for Service Industries, comprise of 3 sections & 2 schemes - Latest Company system & Establishment Balances; Preserve Accounting Report for Service Industries; Implementation of Quarterly actions concluding the financial Year & Project.

  • Division 3, is helpful for Commodities Businesses, comprises of 4 sections & 2 schemes - Merchant & acquire; Clients & Sales; Record & Job; workers, Payroll & Account settlement;

  • Division 4, comprises of 3 sections & 3 schemes - Modify Forms; Import and Export; Microsoft Word & Templates.

  • Addendum C, Evaluation of Accounting Values

  • Addendum D, dictionary

  • QA patterns incorporate of end of chapter queries & examination problems.

  • Routing piece incorporates Industry Status, Clients & Sales, Seller & Procure, Account & Task, Workers & Payroll, bank & System.

  • Routing points for getting data, footage transactions, reports, set of contacts windows & grid.

  • Extended purchase instructions, in receipt of information, sales information & transport notice.

  • Enhanced client & record administration.

  • Open several corporations.

  • Improved previous year information. Data accessible for general ledger & economic reports for all clogged years.

  • Genuine time mistake vigilant.

  • Cash flow administrator.

  • Enhanced time & expenditure following.

  • Improved password safety, position based highlights, review trail & inner controls.

  • Every day client balances on windows & sales.

  • Convention date varieties pass through a filter & improved report selection.

  • An obtainable corporation or latest corporation is restored by Restore wizard.

  • Elegant class for account classification.

  • E-mail statements, economic reports & attach attachment.

  • Intend tools for statement customization.

The book contains the following:

  • Preface to Bellwether Garden Supply - Knowledge Objectives. Mouse and Keyboard fundamentals. SCA's establish Window. Windows In terface. Distinctive SCA Windows .The example Company: Bellwether Garden furnishes. Receiving Started. Demonstrate Product knowledge. To set Global preference Sage 50's User crossing point. Graph of Accounts. Support Bellwether Garden Supply. Replication of the BCS database to a CD-RW or DVD-RW Drive. Usage of Windows Explorer. Usage of Sage 50's reinstates Wizard. Set of choices Bar. Becoming a member of staff of Bellwether Garden furnish. Support Chapter 1 Content. Include Your Name to Data. Export of Sage 50 Reports to Excel. To save worker List as an Adobe PDF file. Instruction manual vs. mechanized Accounting. Online knowledge Center. Exercises of 1-1 & 1-2. Directory.

  • Retailer - Education Objectives. Getting in progress. Reinstate information from Exercises1-2. Financial statement Payable scheme. Vendor's expenditure. Print check. Demonstrate the seller Ledgers. Seller Credit. Note. Support Chapter 2 Content. Export of 2 Sage 50 Data to Excel. Accumulate Vendor file & Vendor Ledgers as PDF Files. Online knowledge Center. Exercises 2-1 & 2-2. Directory.

  • Consumers - Knowledge Objectives. Getting in progress. Financial records Receivable Structure. The preserve clients or Prospects Window. Redistribution of the Invoice. Printing or present the Invoices. Inflowing Receipts. Evaluate client's payments. Present the Client's Ledgers. Credit memorandum. Support Chapter 3 Content. Online knowledge Center. Exercises 3-1 & 3-2. Directory.

  • Workers - Knowledge Objectives. Getting in progress. Default knowledge. Worker continuation. Payroll structure. Journal entrance for Payroll. Support Chapter4 Content. Online education Center. Exercises 4-1 & 4-2. Directory.

  • Common Ledger, Record & Inner Control - Education Objectives. Sage 50 assist: Graph of Accounts. Getting in progress. Financial statement. Universal Journal. To set an Inventory article. Inventory & procure. Record and sale list amendment. Protection & Inner Control. Support Chapter 5 Content. Online Knowledge Center. Exercises 5-1 & 5-2. Directory

  • Profession Cost knowledge Objectives - Getting in progress. Work Costing & Purchasing. Work Cost & Sales. Work Cost & Payroll .Work Cost Information. Support Chapter 6 Content. Online knowledge Center. Exercises 6-1 & 6-2. Directory.

  • Financial Reporting - Knowledge Objectives .Financial Reporting .Getting in progress. Usage of Sage 50's assists Feature .Demonstrate the Financial Reporting. Support Chapter7 Content .Export Financial Reporting to Excel. Online Knowledge Center. Exercises 7-1 & 7-2 .Bellwether backyard Supply venture & OLC. Directory.

  • Rock Arbor Landscaping - Knowledge Objectives. Time & Receipt. Getting in progress .Include Your Name to Data. Usage of Time & Receipt .Support Chapter 8 Content .Export Time Voucher list to Excel .Online knowledge Center .Exercises 8-1& 8-2 .Directory.

  • Latest Company system & Establishment of Balances - Knowledge Objectives .Getting in progress: Latest Organization Setup. Graph of Accounts .Support the Graph of Accounts .Reinstate Company Information. Ingoing graph of Accounts. Opening Balances .Usage of Windows Explorer to check the Folder Size. Support the Opening Balances.


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