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Consumer Economics: Issues and Behaviors - 2nd edition

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Consumer Economics: Issues and Behaviors - 2nd edition

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Consumer Economics: Issues and Behaviors - 2nd edition

ISBN: 0131590499

ISBN-13: 9780131590496

Authors: Elizabeth B Goldsmith

Publisher: Prentice Hall

Details of the book:

The field of consumer economics is a rapidly developing and changing terrain. Presently its conditions and effects probably surpass those thought up by Adam Smith (one of the first and foremost of economic thinkers, arguably its founding father) himself, whose thoughts about the power and role of consumers are internationally well known. The consumer movement in its entirety, i.e. issues like who buys what? Why she buys that? When? And how? These fundamental and critical questions and all other related issues of consumer economics are tackled in the book baked by real cases. Goldsmith digs deeper and tries to give the readers a nuanced look into the entire subject. Along with the questions of - Who? What? How? When? And, Why? The author also tries to explain what factors effect consumer choice in today's world and how exactly this happens. Next, the book also covers the effect consumer choice on myriad other influential activities like development, production, packaging, promotion etc. i.e. shifts in consumer choice and its ripple effects. Throughout the book, quite apparent is the emphasis on consumer power model. To summarize all issues concerning the contemporary consumer, her actions and choices, are covered effectively in the book.

Some important topics dealt with in the book are:

  • The entire consumption model i.e. the circular chain of forces affecting consumers and vice versa.

  • Shifts in the process and consumer movement.

  • Problems and issues students themselves face and other practical commonplace but important choices

  • The undeniable presence and role of internet and e-commerce

  • Behavioral and empirical knowledge on the latest trends of organic food, genetically modified consumer items etc.

  • Health and fitness

All issues related even remotely to the subject of consumer economics find a place in this book.


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