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Cornerstone Managerial Accounting 5th edition

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Cornerstone Managerial Accounting 5th edition

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Cornerstone Managerial Accounting 5th edition

ISBN: 1133943985

ISBN-13: 9781133943983

Authors: Maryanne M Mowen, Don R Hansen, Dan L Heitger

Details of the book:

Logical Calculations and clear and better Feedback are the starring features shown in Cornerstones of Managerial Accounting 5th edition by the Authors new style of writing. Accurate and Consistent Solutions are given in the Solution Manual for all Multiple -Choice, Discussion Questions, Exercises and Cases given. The solutions are given in excel sheets as well as in PDF format. In order to help the students in completing their homework , each chapter contains two additional templates of excel spreadsheets .This textbook help the learners in guiding about practical implication of concepts by using realistic company example that too in the form of animated activities. The exercises are Scenario - based and are presented in such a way to reinforce learner's concept knowledge and to strengthen their analytical skills.


  • Material of the textbook helps the learners in completing the lessons and utilize their time, which includes:

  • For Visual Learners, concepts and examples are shown in videos.

  • For review or homework purpose, Blueprint Problems and Connections are being given.

  • A complete set of questions identified by topics, objectives and difficulty level are included in the Test Bank for greater guidance and for evaluation of student's progress. .

  • For live classroom discussions, the PowerPoint Slides are given after each chapter to help in preparation and presentation of lectures.

  • For performance evaluation of the students, a type of reporting feature in the form of Grade book has been added in the textbook.

The book contains the following:

  • Role and Importance of Managerial Accounting

  • Introduction to Basic Concepts

  • Types of Cost and Nature of Cost

  • A Managerial Tool Break Even Point Analysis

  • Features of Job Order Costing

  • Types of Processes and Methods of Costing

  • Activity Based Product Costing

  • Performance of Profit Centers and Stock Management

  • Planning for Profit

  • A Cost Control Tool- Standard Costing

  • Budgeting and Performance Evaluation

  • Decentralization and Transfer Pricing Concept

  • Decision Making and Relevant Cost applications

  • Capital Budgeting and Related Decisions

  • Methods and Preparation of Cash Flow Statement

  • Ratios Analysis


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