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Economics 10th edition ( A Contemporary Introduction )

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Economics 10th edition ( A Contemporary Introduction )

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Economics 10th edition ( A Contemporary Introduction )

ISBN: 1133188125

ISBN-13: 9781133188124

Authors: William A McEachern

Publisher: Cengage Learning

Details of the book:

Professor McEachern's provides an engaging read with a remarkable writing style in 'Economics: A Contemporary Introduction'. This book makes optimum utilization of real life case studies and notable everyday examples to enable the readers to relate with the economic concepts and occurrences. Not only does this book bridge the gap between the textual and the practical world of economics, it also bridges the gap between the reading and learning of the subject matter for the students, thanks to the help of the technological enablers provided along with the book i.e. online tools (multimedia).

The book contains the following:

  • The decision makers and decision making in the field.

  • Demand & supply - its analysis, elasticity, responsiveness of the market, consumer choice etc.

  • Market - production, good, choice, cost, competition (monopolistic and perfect), monopoly, oligopoly and condition of resource markets.

  • Capital, rent, interest, financing (corporate), entrepreneurship etc.

  • Macroeconomics (introduction) - aggregate demand and supply, unemployment, inflation, economic regulation, antitrust policy etc.

  • Microeconomics- government's role and intervention, taxation etc.

  • International economy - trade, balance of payment, import and export, trade deficit, debt etc. Additionally, the evolutions of developing economies around the world are also tracked.

  • Banking system and monetary policies including money supplies, theory and policies.

  • Other national economic issues like fiscal policy federal budgets, environment, technology, misinformation, public policy, tracking and evaluation of the economy of the US.


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