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Economics 10th edition

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Economics 10th edition

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Economics 10th edition

ISBN: 0131394657

ISBN-13: 9780131394650

Authors: Michael Parkin

Publisher: Prentice Hall

Details of the book:

Parkin's Economics is a book which aims to enable a student of the discipline to understand the key economic concepts and issues in the light of actual events and developments. The chapters begin with a discussion on a relevant current global issue like the economic slowdown or poverty or even global environmental degradation and subsequently touch upon various other issues that have substantial effects in our lives. It was Parkin's aim to aid the students of economics to comprehend the theoretical in the light of the practical, read what is not apparent and thereby think like an actual economist, using news articles at the conclusion of every chapter.

Like any other book worth its mettle, this book too offers a well rounded comprehensive guide to the subject of economics. The major themes covered here are as follows:

  • What the subject is all about

  • Economic basics - demand and supply - what they mean, how they work, their elasticity and responsiveness in the market.

  • Market situation - national and international both. The issues of efficiency and equity involved, the role governments play in this arena, the situation of global markets. This section also includes information on production, competition, choices, cost, goods produced and demanded, factors of production and their markets. Public or consumer choices, oligopoly, monopoly are some of the others issues undertaken here.

  • Measurement and growth - Here all other issues including that of national income and its growth, employment and unemployment, inflation, GDP, distribution of income, inequality, investment, finance etc, are all included

  • Economics and its relation with the Environment are also explained sufficiently.

  • International trade - Balance of payment, trade, debts, import and export, development of developing nation's economy.


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