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Economics 5th edition

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Economics 5th edition

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Economics 5th edition

ISBN: 0764147609

ISBN-13: 9780764147609

Authors: Walter J Wessels

Publisher: Barron's Educational Series, Incorporated.

Details of the book:

These books which are a part of Barron's business review series are intended to be supplement for college education, but they can also be utilized for adult educational programs and/or business refresher programs or courses. Either way, the book is an excellent source for information; it offers insights into the fundamental concepts and issues of the subject and explains all terms and key conceptions with proper illustrations and applications. This book is an excellent guide in understanding the differences and relation shared between the key concepts of macro and microeconomics. It makes proper utilization of charts and graphs in its explanations of fundamental issues, and offers an excellent coverage on the issues of supply and demand (key to fully grasping economic principles). The major themes covered under Macroeconomics includes topics like national growth and output, inflation, varieties and costs of unemployment, issues of aggregate supply and demand, classical models -the Keynesian model, fiscal and monetary policies, issues of open-market macroeconomics, and many more. Microeconomic topics include the likes of oligopolies, monopolies, forces that promote competition and competitive markets, game theory and strategic decision making, labour unions and market issues, economic profits, income, government spending, intervention and taxation, among others.


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