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Economics 7th edition ( An Introduction to Tradional and Progressive Views )

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Economics 7th edition ( An Introduction to Tradional and Progressive Views )

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Economics 7th edition ( An Introduction to Tradional and Progressive Views )

ISBN: 0765616688

ISBN-13: 9780765616685

Authors: Howard Sherman, E K Hunt, Reynold F Nesiba, Howard J Sherman, Phillip Anthony Ohara, Phillip Anthony O'Hara, Phillip A O'Hara, Barbara A Wiens-Tuers, Barbara Weins-Tuers, Robert Pollin

Publisher: M. E. Sharpe Incorporated

Details of the book:

Meant for the course on principles of economics, this classic text has been thoroughly updated and expanded to suit the demands and specification of recent times. This book is well known for covering an even expansive intellectual foundation than other books available in the market on the topic of principles of economics. The main subject matter of this book involves acquainting the students to both the traditional viewpoints of economics juxtaposed with their progressive counters or critiques. The authors skillfully construct the chapters, so that topics like microeconomics, globalization and macroeconomics can all be read and understood in context of their historical background. Just as our personalities are the product of our past experiences and acts, the current state of any issue, concept, incident or subject is actually a product of its historical conditions. 'Economics An Introduction to Traditional and Progressive Views, 7th edition', takes on the responsibility of providing its readers an unbiased view of the history of economics and a nuanced account of economic thought. It describes, discusses and analyses the important historical economic accounts and critiques e.g. the ideas of John Maynard Keynes, Thorstein Veblen, and Karl Marx. An approach of this sort on the subject enables the readers to think of economics not as a subject of fixed ideals and truths, something permanent according to which the world has to suit itself, rather they become aware of the malleable nature of economics. The readers are able to view economics as a mode of reasoning, through which they can analyze the society and understand the world. This book combines the resources of both words and graphs to illustrate the concepts and terms it seeks to convey; the combination of both speeds up and betters the learning procedure as readers are able to internalize the knowledge in a lasting fashion. The other instructive educational tools which this book relies upon are as follows:

  • " Highlighting the key terms (helping them to catch the attention of the readers)

  • " Outlining the learning objectives at the very beginning of the chapters, so that the students have a fair idea of what they are going to deal with, at the very beginning of the chapter itself.

  • " Each chapter ended with a summarization of the important points covered within the chapters

  • " Analytical questions to pique the interest of readers, and enable the students to think over what they learnt and test it for themselves.

The major topics covered within this book include an extensive introduction to macroeconomic and microeconomic issues and concepts, along with the aforementioned historical thoughts and views on the subject.


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