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Economics 7th edition

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Economics 7th edition

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Economics 7th edition

ISBN: 061876125X

ISBN-13: 9780618761258

Authors: William Boyes, Michael Melvin

Publisher: CENGAGE Learning

Details of the book:

Like its predecessors the 7th edition of Melvin and Boyes' Economics, maintains the same tradition and standards of quality and accessibility. The authors have made quite an effort to provide a true account of the important economic issues as they are in the real world along with the most important concepts and theories present mostly in the theoretical realm of the subject. The lucid and uncomplicated, jargon-free writing style allows readers to access economic knowledge without any difficulty and additionally the focus of the book on relating theory to practical use also enables its readers to comprehend the textual knowledge in context of real world business, i.e. Boyes and Melvin provide the much required bridge between the theory and practical application of economics. The book covers all fundamental issues and concepts in the subject along with proper representation of the most updated thoughts and opinions of the stalwarts from the field.

One of the strong suits of the book is its effective mix of sound technical knowledge with the current teaching and learning techniques, these two components complement each other beautifully to provide readers one of the most helpful texts present in the subject. The latest edition has been updated as far as possible and includes a whole range of essential topics from around the globe and pertaining to the discipline of economics. A few among those topics include the after effects of the Iraqi war especially those of financial nature or affecting the world of business; the aftermath and resultant affects of natural calamities like the Hurricanes of the Gulf Coast etc.this edition also delves deep into the most important topic of the 21st century i.e. the issue of globalization, the world distance between people and nations shrinking more and more with each passing day. Melvin and Boyes analyze the effects of globalization on the skyrocketing economic growth on certain parts of the world while other parts get doomed to squalor to poverty. To further illustrate the two sides of the coin of globalization, the book also includes an in-depth comparison and analysis of the different standard and quality of life in the first world and third world nations. The book also attempts to better the learning process of the students by including various visual aids like a thumbnail guide detailing the most important geographic points as per economics, it also include special sections which provide real world examples of the important economic concepts and issues. Thus the book successfully covers all important topics under both Micro and Macroeconomics, and deals extensively with economics in the global arena, globalization, the emergent markets of the developing country and most importantly China's rise to the status of a super power. It also makes optimum use of graphs, facts, and other visual aides to familiarize a student better with the subject and its intricacies.


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