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Economics 8th edition

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Economics 8th edition

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Economics 8th edition

ISBN: 1439038694

ISBN-13: 9781439038697

Authors: William Boyes, Michael Melvin

Publisher: South-Western College Pub

Details of the book:

Keeping in line with the rest of books from Melvin & Boyes series, the 8th edition of Economics also maintains its regular high standards in pedagogy and coverage of world affairs or issues; but all of this is present in extremely lucid and comprehensible writing, none of the matters are shrouded in intellectual snobbery or academic jargon. In short, this is a highly effective and straight forward book. In the latest version of the book, the content has been thoroughly updated with the most contemporary economic events e.g. emergence and steady rise of China as a dominant world player in every sphere of importance, the drastic effects on the economy of the world stemming from the war in Iraq and of course the most talked about economic event in the past few decades- the 2008 economic crisis. Current events of economic importance like the aforementioned are backed in the book by the views and opinions of the bigwigs of the field; the latest thinking in the field are further expanded with analytical discussions on the major micro and macroeconomic issues of the world. Another major topic dealt with in the book extensively is 'Globalization' i.e. the landscape of contemporary international economic events and its related issues, including the changing dynamics of the developing countries and their market workings. Under this segment we find discussions on topics like growth, the alarming role played by poverty and economic inequality both in intra and international contexts. The book further paves a path to bridge the often ungraspable discontinuity students find between the theoretical and practical side of the subject. To facilitate this function the authors use the contemporary events to back each concept, idea and/or term discussed in the chapters. This helps the authors to further strengthen what they are trying to convey to the readers; the contemporary issues which help readers apply the textual knowledge they acquire from the book helps the readers/students become well versed with the connections economic concepts share with real world economic manifestations; this makes the book even more effective and helps it set a standard in the academic world.

Some of the most important themes covered in this book are as mentioned above, Macroeconomic and microeconomic concepts. The book is authored in a very thorough and well articulated manner and can be used even as great reference source.


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