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Economics 9th edition

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Economics 9th edition

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Economics 9th edition

ISBN: 0078021707

ISBN-13: 9780078021701

Authors: Colander, David Colander

Publisher: The McGraw-Hill Series

Details of the book:

This book conveys all the core economic concepts and policies to its readers in a lucid and conversational manner. The subject matter encompasses the relations shared between economic concepts and their real world manifestations by focusing chiefly on the modern economics and its foundation, its history and models etc. McGraw Hill's LearnSmart as well as the inclusion of Connect Plus has made the book a further help for students and teachers. The resultant chapter end summarizations, problem, feedback and assigned modules facilitate the complete understanding and mental internalization of all the core ideas.

The book includes 38 chapters in all which cover topics as follows:

  • Fundamentals of Economics like demand and supply (what it is and how to use it) or using economic reasoning in practical experiences

  • International market Globalization and trade

  • Roles and natures of major Economic Institutions

  • Describing the intricacies of Supply and Demand, role of the government - Taxes and other Interventions, Failure of market versus that of the Government's

  • Relation between Politics and Economics: Agricultural Markets

  • Issues of International nature in the field of Economic Policy

  • Global and comparative issues like foreign Exchange Rate, Globalization, international trade and its policies and regulations.

  • An entire section on Production and Cost- its nature, effects and analysis

  • Market structure, competition in the economic market both perfect and monopolistic

  • Essence of monopoly, oligopoly, antitrust policy etc.

  • The role of technology in the market

  • Different kinds of markets -factor, work, labour etc.

  • Income, profit, interest, rents, distribution and discrimination in income i.e. inequality.

  • Public choice and decision making along with supply and demand in the marketplace.

  • An explanation of game theory, decision making in the market strategically, modern economic thought and the behavioural approach to economics.

  • Among other issues the basics of microeconomics and macroeconomics are covered along with the issues of fiscal policy and regulation. Special attention is given to the monetary sector (finance, money, economy etc.). national and international economic problems like stagnation, unemployment, inflation, financial breakdown and crises, deficits, debts etc. are all packed in.

  • Other issues explained are the different views of economics, including the Keynesian Policy Model: Demand-Side Policies and Classical Policy Model: Growth and Supply-Side.

  • Taxes, budgeting balance of payment, trade deficit, economics in the global setting, international trade etc. all issues are covered in the book.


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