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Economics 9th edition

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Economics 9th edition

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Economics 9th edition

ISBN: 1111826137

ISBN-13: 9781111826130

Authors: William Boyes, Michael Melvin

Publisher: Cengage Learning

Details of the book:

Economics 9th edition is a book offering a balanced understanding of macro and micro economics along with providing a solid foundation in global economic situation. Any reader of this book will receive a holistic understanding of both the micro economic daily occurrences as well as global issues like the far reaching effects of the financial crisis. This book is also remarkably well updated, thus whether you are teaching or being taught, Economics 9th edition will always provide you with the latest developments and statistical information. The lucid approach of conveying the contents is an additional perk which enables the reader to easily comprehend complex issues like major business decisions and their consequences on major socio-economic issues like poverty. This book is backed with Aplia™ homework system along with the online learning tool CourseMate, which makes teaching and learning all the more easier and better.

The book contains the following:

This book offers an introduction to the price system in the field of economics. Among other fundamental economic topics like macroeconomic issues (accounting of national income, aggregate demand and supply etc.) this book also draws attention to the inherent aspects of price systems like choice, cost, and specialization and includes the uses of graphs in the appendix. It also includes the use of algebraic models of expenditures (aggregate), algebraic model of income and expenditure (for income and expenditure equilibrium) and an Algebraic model of Examination in fiscal policy for Balanced-Budget Change. It also provides keen insights into the various viewpoints of macroeconomics like the neo-classical and Keynesian views, the monetarist view etc. All other macroeconomic issues including policy making, credibility, business cycles, fiscal policies, product market factors like consumer and choices are elaborately explained. The book is rounded off with an explanation of the international economic world.


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