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Economics of Strategy 6th edition

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Economics of Strategy 6th edition

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Economics of Strategy 6th edition

ISBN: 111827363X

ISBN-13: 9781118273630

Authors: David Besanko, David Dranove, Scott Schaefer, Mark Shanley

Publisher: Wiley

Details of the book:

The global economic crisis has made one thing very clear about the nature of big firms and organizations, i.e. no matter what, the management team behind each should be well versed with economic strategizing and come up with innovative and time effective tactics whenever and wherever required. Such a skill requires a good deal of analytical ability and critical thought power. This text extensively covers all those subjects and topics that will help a student of business acquire an inherent sense of business strategy. It combines the relevant economic theory with the required strategic and tactical analysis in an extremely contemporary manner. The more than a decade long collaboration of Besanko, Dranove, Schaefer and Shanley has yielded a tremendously useful introductory text to the subject of economic strategy, in which they have combined the most updated literature of strategy available in the market today along with the long standing traditional concepts and fundamental issues of the subject. This particular approach of the book has enabled its readers to get a better understanding of the subject and the strategic moves and decisions taken within and by economic firms, as it provides them with a logical framework to refer to when doing the same.

The lucid writing of the text and the use of real world examples when and where required, to complement the theoretical knowledge, have further made the book more accessible to the readers, without compromising on its quality. It bridges the break between theory and practice and equips its readers with an analytical and critical mind, which ensures them a sound strategic business sense.

The 6th edition of the text has been updated accordingly with all the latest examples and information, making it more relevant to the current student. It is an excellent guide especially to those who are taking the undergraduate course in the field. Shanley, Besanko, Dranove and Schaefer's text is an excellent guide in the study of economic strategy, which teaches its readers the most relevant topics and issues of the subject on the foundation of the time tested, traditional ones. This in turn instills in the readers an innate sense of business strategy which they can adapt and mould according to the demand of the time, place and situation. Thus, the text is great moulder of today's students of economics, into tomorrow's corporate heads.

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