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Economics Principles and Practices 1st edition

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Economics Principles and Practices 1st edition

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Economics Principles and Practices 1st edition

ISBN: 0078747643

ISBN-13: 9780078747649

Authors: Gary E Clayton

Publisher: Glencoe / McGraw-Hill School Pub Co

Details of the book:

An all round guide to basic economics in the most simplified form, fit for new students as well those who are looking to refresh their basics. However the simplistic approach of the book does not warrant for it to be treated as trivial, rather it makes the book far more accessible to large groups of learners with varied skill set. The book provides an all encompassing guide to the most fundamental issues, principles and practices involved in the discipline. Apart from the general topics commonly found in other books of the same genre, Clayton's Economics Principles and Practices is the only program which provides complete coverage of the new economy along with the very important and contemporary topic of the digital revolution that has affected every aspect of our lives. The book has been aligned with the National Standards and updated amply to suit the needs of current readers of the book. To keep this book up with times the text has been furnished with current statistics and examples from recent news events (thus increasing its real world applicability). Further one can find in this book updated diagrams and charts, maps and photos, along with illustrations. But the standout quality of the text is its simplicity, the very lucid manner in which it presents to the readers all ideas, principles, issues and perspectives, no matter how complex or undemanding. Clayton's economic principles and practices is one the friendliest texts for students of the subject and guide for those who need to refresh their knowledge. No matter what your motive is behind reading this book, you'll definitely learn something useful and important from it, in the most uncomplicated and effortless manner.

The book contains the following:

  • The 20 chapters of the text are divided into 5 different units composed of particular themes.

  • The very first unit seeks to introduce to the reader what Economics is really and then move on to fundamental concepts from the field of study. It includes chapters on topics like decision making and different economic systems along with information on business organizations.

  • The following unit focuses on microeconomic topics and issues. It begins with the basic but important concepts of supply and demand, then moves on to prices and decision making. The unit in concluded with a chapter on the market structures.

  • Unit 3 is the guide to macroeconomic issues. It covers all essential topics here like institutions, employment sources of government revenue, labour and wages, money, banking, government spending and financial markets.

  • The fourth unit of the book is an extension of the third, thus it too focuses on issues of macroeconomics. The chapters under this heading cover issues like those of policies, performance of the economy, economic instability and the process of reaching economic stability from there, the federal and monetary policy etc.
  • The final and fifth unit expands the horizon of knowledge further and goes to include topics from international economics like international trade and finally challenges faced in global economy, comparative economic systems, the economic scenario in the developing nations

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