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Economics today 17th edition ( The Macro View )

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>Economics today 17th edition ( The Macro View )

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Economics today 17th edition ( The Macro View )

ISBN: 0132948893

ISBN-13: 9780132948890

Authors: Roger LeRoy Miller

Publisher: Prentice hall

Details of the book:

A major issue in studying any subject is relating its theoretical side with the practical, real world side. Often students spend their time and money on texts and courses which take them down the path of rote learning. Thus, their talents, energy and resources are all wasted as they really don't learn anything worthwhile. Economics today the macro view tries to overcome this very issue. This book contains theoretical knowledge taken in context of its real world manifestation, expressed in a student friendly, accessible language. The information provided within is relevant and modern as they combine time tested theories with current economic issues of both national and international arenas. Each chapter opens with a relevant issue and concludes itself with its real life applications. The author seeks to acquaint students with the economic decisions and issues that characterize their everyday lives; hence the relevance of this book is not limited to the students of economics alone, rather professionals and students from other fields of work and study can gain practical, real life macroeconomic knowledge from it. The issues and concepts discussed and analyzed in this book helps students not only comprehend the fundamentals of economics, but it also helps them relate to the subject at a personal level and think about daily economic issues critically. As suggested by the name, the macroeconomic issues of today are the main focus of the book.

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Author : Roger LeRoy Miller, the author of Economics Today the Macro view, is currently associated with the Institute for University Studies in Arlington, Texas. He is known for the myriad texts and articles he has authored on the subject of economics, and he has received widespread acknowledgement for his books Economics of Public Issue and Economics Today the Macro view.


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