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Economics Today - The Macro View 16th edition

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Economics Today - The Macro View 16th edition

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Economics Today - The Macro View 16th edition

ISBN: 0132554518

ISBN-13: 9780132554510

Authors: Roger LeRoy Miller, Roger Le Miller

Publisher: Prentice Hill

Details of the book:

Economics Today delivers what its name suggests i.e. economic information, concepts, ideas and thoughts in the context of the contemporary world. The book is largely designed for the course of principles in economics, but it can also be quite informative for professionals and students of other disciplines who are interested in the subject. The strong suit of the book is its up to dated information along with its student friendly language and content. The author presents all important ideas in an easily comprehendible manner, which is especially helpful for the uninitiated in the subject. The subject matter of the book is further supported with the everyday, newsworthy examples; this serves a very important part in helping the students learn better and quickly as students learn much faster when they can personally relate to the concepts they are studying. This way the book provides a real world introduction to the subject of economics for its readers.

Each chapter is designed to help the students understand the issue at hand in the most lucid manner, for this purpose every chapter begins and ends with an 'Issues and applications' feature. Therefore, every concept and idea introduced in a chapter is explained in light of its real world applications. To further elucidate this particular aspect of the textual content, Miller has also incorporated the use of ABC new video clips. Thus, the reader gets an all rounded, practical examples based theoretical knowledge, which is often quite difficult to find in one single book given the constantly changing nature of the economic world.

Economics Today Macro view also comes equipped with the services of MyEconLab, the online tutorial platform for students of the discipline. Therefore it becomes all the more easier for students to read and learn from this book, as they can contact experts any time they have an issue to discuss, or face any difficulties arising from the text. Also, teachers can help design new assignments and evaluations using this online platform. Students can themselves discuss what they have learnt and exchange their ideas or engage in critical thinking with their peers via this medium. Thus, MyEconLab takes out of class hours consultations with teachers and peers to a whole new level. It facilitates discussions and consultations between one and all, and at any given time.

The book contains the following:

  • PART I Which is the introduction into the subject includes essential topics like scarcity, demand & supply, world trade offs, public sector and public choice etc.

  • PART 2 offers an introduction to Macroeconomics and Economic Growth. Thus, the topics covered under this heading include the likes of Unemployment, Deflation, Inflation, Global Economic Development and Growth

  • PART 3 covers topics and issues like Fiscal Policy, Real GDP, Price Level effects and characteristics, Keynesian concepts, Public Debt etc.

  • PART 4 covers topics dealing with Money and banking. It throws light on issues of Stabilization, Growth, banking as well as policies for global growth in economics.

The rest of the book focuses on international issues of macroeconomics.


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