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Economics with Connect Plus 19th edition

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Economics with Connect Plus 19th edition

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Economics with Connect Plus 19th edition

ISBN: 0077503961

ISBN-13: 9780077503963

Authors: Campbell McConnell, Campbell R McConnell, Stanley L Brue, Stanley Brue, Sean Flynn, Sean Masaki Flynn

Publisher: Irwin/McGraw-Hill

Details of the book:

Economics edition 1 is an extremely helpful book for all students and readers of the book. The lucid writing of the text along with its uncomplicated, comprehendible, balanced approach to the subject and its concepts and issues, helps all readers gain a balanced and unbiased perspective on the matters discussed.

The book comes with the services Connect Plus, the online tutorial platform. Connect Plus further aids the learning process as it takes out of class academic meetings and discussions to a whole new level. It designs special assignments, exams, quizzes, homework etc. for all participating students and help evaluate their progress. Anytime anyone has a question, she can ask her peers or instructors for help via this online platform. Even if one has to stay out of class for some reason, it is through Connect Plus that the individual won't fall behind her syllabus. This service helps both teachers and students as it helps in better teaching, evaluation and learning.


  • First part of the book lays out the basics of the subject which will help develop a solid foundation for the student in the same. It includes topics on Limits and Choices, The Market System etc.

  • The 2nd part focuses on the details of pricing, demand and supply, elasticity and equilibrium in the market place, all other issues related to the market etc.

  • The next portion is devoted to introducing topics from Microeconomics like monoly, oligopoly, competition-both monopolistic and perfect, the demand, choice and activity of the consumers in the market, technology, research and development etc.

  • PART 4 continues with the other topics under microeconomics like determining and fixing of wages and remuneration, want for resources, other economic issues like rent, proceeds and interest generation, the importance of natural assets and energy.

  • The 5th part of the text deals with the remaining topics from microeconomics and also covers those related to the government e.g. Public Finance Voting, the demand choice of the public, taxation etc.

  • The following part continues with the policies and isues under macroeconomics like the Antitrust Policy, its guidelines, the policies related to Agriculture and its role in the economy, all issues covering discrimination including disparity in earnings, Inequality, scarcity, paucity etc. This section also takes on the very important topics of healthcare and migration related issues.

  • Part 7 introduces the issues dealt under Macroeconomics. Here the chapters are on gross domestic product, national income, growth in the economy, and its ill effects like unemployment and fluctuation in prices especially inflation.

  • The 8th part covers certain other macroeconomic issues with a focus on the fiscal policies as well. Here topics covered are, aggregate demand, supply and expenditures, debt and fiscal policies etc.

  • Part 9 covers monetary issues and banking. Chapters include those on banking, money, interest rates; all other money related topics like its creation, policies etc.

  • The 10th part covers other remaining macroeconomic issues including the current trends and issues in the subject

  • The final part of the book is part 11 and this covers the topic of economic relevance from the international arena. Here the topics found are those on balance of payment, export and import, deficits and fluctuations in trade, foreign exchange, international trade and business, the role developing nations and their market play in the international economic order.


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