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Elementary Statistics - 5th edition Picturing the World

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Elementary Statistics - 5th edition Picturing the World

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Elementary Statistics - 5th edition Picturing the World

EISBN: 0321831012

EISBN-13: 9780321831019

Authors: Ron Larson, Betsy Farber

Details of the book:

Elementary Statistics 5th edition picturing the World is a book that gives us a clear idea about the approaches to statistics through various graphical representations of data, thus helping the readers to understand the concepts of statistics more easily. The best part of this book is that some of the examples and exercises provided here are completely new for this edition. The authors Ron Larson, Betsy Farber tells us that statistics is present in the real world and is quite easy to understand.

The Authors:

Ron Larson is a PhD in mathematics from the University of Colorado. He is a well known professor of mathematics at the Penn State University. He had written a number of books on mathematics starting from school level to calculus ones. Betsy Farber on the other hand is a Master in mathematics from the College of New Jersey. She is also a professor in Community College in Newton, Pennsylvania and teaches mathematics at all levels. Her interest lies in developing new ways to make statistics more interesting and relevant to the students.

The book contains the following:

  • Data collection and classification and Descriptive Statistics through graphical representation, measures of central tendency, dispersion and position.

  • Basic concepts of probability, different types of distributions-discrete and continuous.

  • Statistical inference through confidence interval and hypothesis of one and two sample of mean, proportion and variance etc.

  • Some appendices are also there where different types of tables are given such as normal table, binomial, poisson, t, F, different critical values of non parametric tests, normal probability graphs etc. are provided in the book.

  • Answers to the exercises are also been given.


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