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Environmental Economics: An Introduction

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Environmental Economics: An Introduction

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Environmental Economics: An Introduction

ISBN: 007351148X

ISBN-13: 9780073511481

Authors: Field, Barry Field, Martha k Field

Publisher: The McgrawHill/ Irwin

Details of the book:

As suggested by the title of the book, the central theme her is that of environmental economics; the authors try to provide a comprehensive introduction to the beginners of the discipline, acquaint them with the basics and prepare them for what is to come. One can see that essentially the authors have tried to provide an insight into the basic concepts and fundamental issues associated with the subject of environmental economics, and in attempting to do so; they have covered the historical positions, contemporary ones and the continuously developing nature of the subject. The entire body of the subject is too vast to encompass in one beginner's guide, so the authors have worked with only a particular sample set of issues picked from the field of this discipline. The concepts and models utilized in the text to convey the subject matter are quite easily graspable and extremely relevant to the subject. Readers of the book themselves have marveled at the succinct and lucid nature of the writing found in it; the authors convey the essential knowledge in a manner that will hold the attention of the readers without bogging their minds down with too many complex ideas, or a far too academic and analytical language. The latest edition of the book contains the same basic matter as the previous editions, except for the fact that every idea, issue or concept has been discussed in the light of the most up to date events and information.

Some of the issues dealt with here are:

  • What the subject is all about.

  • Its relation with economics.

  • The analytical tools involved in understanding the discipline.

  • Analysis frameworks

  • Costs, benefits and policies involved in the process.

  • State and local issues in relation to the subject.

  • Domestic, comparative and global issues involved in the same.


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