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Essential Foundations of Economics 6th edition

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Essential Foundations of Economics 6th edition

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Essential Foundations of Economics 6th edition

ISBN: 0132833115

ISBN-13: 9780132833110

Authors: Robin Bade, Michael Parkin

Publisher: Prentice Hall

Details of the book:

A book designed to provide any student an out of ordinary, text bound mechanistic learning experience, Essential foundation of economics by Parkin and Bade, is an effective teaching and learning guide to any student of the subject. The book is oriented to give the students a sufficiently comprehensible source on the fundamental issues, concepts and principles of the subject. Its easily understandable writing, engaging and interesting manner of authorship allows for the readers to learn in a much more effective and long lasting manner. Further, the authors have tried to ensure that whatever the students learn from the book, whatever knowledge they acquire, they can test it out by putting it into usage in the real world, for this purpose the book includes among its text a checklist scheme of organization. The entire book is authored in a manner to provide the readers an encouraging and learning oriented environment. Often knowledge becomes the monopoly of a certain class due to the exclusive usage of buzz words and jargon, books like essential foundations of economics breaks out of that pattern. It is a patient text, it motivates learners to go through it without getting discouraged and actually learn something. Another major plus point of this book is that it can be read by anyone no matter what their field of study i.e. it can aide you even if you are uninitiated in the subject of economics. The discipline of economics actually crosses path and merges at certain points with several other branches of social sciences, it is books like these which come in handy at such situations. Also even if you are just interested in the subject but have no other use of it, even then this can be quite a useful and engaging read for you.

The updated editions of the book include all current facts and data relevant to the subject matter of the text.


The text contains a total of 20 chapters each focusing on the most crucial and fundamental economic, principle, policy, concept and issue.

  • Chapter 1 is an introduction to the subject

  • Chapter 2 focuses on the major economies of the world

  • Chapter 3 is based on the problems of the economy

  • Chapter 4 covers the basic and yet most important concepts of Demand and Supply

  • Chapter 5 is an extension of the fourth chapter and focuses on elasticity of market demand and supply

  • Chapter 6 tries to look into how effective and fair the market setting is

  • Chapter 7 is based on the role of the governments in the market

  • Chapter 8 covers the role of global markets

  • Chapter 9 looks into the external issues which are related to economics like health care, environmental pollution etc.

  • Chapter 10 from here begins the focus on prices, cost, production etc.

  • Chapter 11 looks into the concept of perfect competition

  • Chapter 12 is based on the concept of Monopoly

  • Chapter 13 looks into two issues largely these are competition in monopoly and oligopoly

  • Chapter 14 looks into the big issues of macroeconomics like GDP, growth, income etc.

  • Chapter 15 covers related issues of national importance like employment and unemployment

  • Chapter 16 continues the trend of the last few chapters and focuses chiefly on the consumer price index and the cost of living

  • Chapter 17 continues the look into gross domestic product and growth

  • Chapter 18 includes matter on money and other related concepts here

  • Chapter 19 takes on the very important issues of aggregate supply and demand

  • Chapter 20 is based on policies like fiscal and monetary


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