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Essentials of Economics 3rd edition

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Essentials of Economics 3rd edition

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Essentials of Economics 3rd edition

ISBN: 0073511455

ISBN-13: 9780073511450

Authors: Brue, Stanley Brue, McConnell, Campbell McConnell, Sean Flynn

Publisher: Irwin/McGraw-Hill

Details of the book:

Keeping up with the standards of the widely famous Economics, Stanley Brue, Campbell McConnell and Sean Flynn authored another exceptional book for the students of economics. In their Essentials of Economics what we see is a revival of the single semester based text approach. This particular book is an excellent guide for a beginner in the subject; it is engaging, comprehensive and encouraging due to the lucid narrative. The micro and macroeconomics topics have been dealt with most extensively in this book. This book too has proved its worthiness in its field through its continuous increase in additions. The latest editions have all been updated to keep up with the demands of time and changes in syllabus.

The most helpful aspect of the book is its integration with Mcgraw-Hill's online tool Connect Plus. This online platform allows better teaching and learning simultaneously. The assessment related component of the program allows for proper and immediate assessment and feedback on a student's work. Further, the inclusion of LearnSmart within it helps dole out different assignments based on separate modules to different students, this further enables the students to grasp the fundamental issues and concepts easily and with special care.


  • PART ONE provides an introduction to the subject. It focuses on topics like choices, the different processes in the market, economic alternatives and the different kinds of restrictions involved in the field.

  • PART TWO deals with all issues associated to demand and supply like elasticity, failings in the market, consumer goods, price and efficiency etc.

  • PART THREE moves into more advanced issues. It begins with businesses and the its related expenditures and the markets for products. It focuses on the important kinds od competitions like pure and monopolistic as well as on other macroeconomic issues like oligopoly and monopoly. It covers substantially the process of determination of wages and its resultant ill-effects like poverty, paucity, inequality of earnings etc.

  • PART FOUR seeks to cover the bigger topics like gross domestic product, national growth, economic growth and economic unsteadiness. Other chapters are based on the problems of our economy like unemployment, the nature and effect of business cycles, inflation. It also includes topics like deficits, economic debts, aggregate demand and supply, fiscal policies etc.

  • PART FIVE is the section on banking, monetary and financial institutions, money, monetary and fiscal policies. Other topics concern issues of monetary policies and the issue of rate of interests.

  • PART SIX or the final part of the book focuses on the issues, topics and concepts from the international platform, i.e. it is focused on international economics. Its main focus is on international business trade, foreign exchange, balance of payment and rate of exchange.


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