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Essentials of Statistics 4th edition

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Essentials of Statistics 4th edition

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Essentials of Statistics 4th edition

ISBN: 0321641493

ISBN-13: 9780321641496

Authors: Mario F Triola

Details of the book:

"Essentials of Statistics 4th edition" is an excellent and one of the best-selling books for elementary statistics. The textbook is a great help to the introductory Statistics students, where the basic concepts of the subject have been discussed using real data examples, fine exercises and applications. The author Mario F Triola is one of the most well known statistics authors whose each edition is of high quality and very useful to the readers. Triola mentioned in his book that statistics is found in the real world, and it can be observed beyond the classroom in our every-day life as professionals, citizens, and consumers. This particular edition-4th edition is economical and is an introduction to the statistics text. "Essentials of Statistics 4th edition" drawn from the author's Elementary Statistics, Eleventh Edition, provides a reader-friendly approach with inclusion of examples and materials from the real world. The 4th edition has innumerable exercises, much more than the previous edition, and many are new and some of them also contain real data. Also, there are a lot many new examples in the textbook and most of them use real data. Analyzing real data enables the students to make connection between the abstract concepts and the real world, and thus helping them to understand statistics and apply the various conceptual understanding using the appropriate method as used by the professional statisticians.

The book contains the following:

  • Introduction to Statistics that discusses statistical thinking, different types of data, design of experiments etc.

  • How data are summarized using frequency distribution and representation of data through graphs.

  • How data are described, explored and compared.

  • Concepts of central tendency, dispersion and box plots.

  • The elementary concepts and theorems based on probability.

  • What are random variables

  • Discrete Probability Distributions include the binomial distribution

  • Continuous Probability Distributions include the normal distribution

  • Concepts of central limit theorem and normal approximation to binomial

  • How normality can be assessed

  • Estimation based on proportion, mean and variance and determination of sample sizes

  • Testing of hypotheses based on a proportion, a mean and a variance

  • Inferences from two samples that includes two proportions, two means from independent samples and matched pairs

  • The basics of correlation and regression

  • Inclusion of Chi-square and ANOVA, contingency table, goodness of fit etc.

  • Appendices include statistical tables, data sets, and answers to exercises.


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