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Exploring Economics 6th edition

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Exploring Economics 6th edition

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Exploring Economics 6th edition

ISBN: 1111970300

ISBN-13: 9781111970307

Authors: Robert L Sexton

Publisher: Cengage Learning

Details of the book:

One of the most useful and effective introductory guide to the subject, Exploring Economics surpasses many other popular texts in the market claiming to do the same. The original intent behind the book was to spread awareness and literacy about economics and the role it plays in our daily lives. This book is useful for one and all, whether one is a new student of the discipline itself or a layman just interested in getting acquainted with the subject. This is one book which tries and succeeds in instilling excitement about the subject in its readers. The book is effective in every sense, beginning from its visual presentation to the learning tools included within to aid better learning, everything about the book is designed to engage and hold the attention of the readers. In its attempt to enable its readers understand the basics of economics and relate with the subject on a personal level, the author has packed in real life examples, including those entertaining ones from pop culture; this facilitates learning of even difficult and/or tedious concepts.

Some of the topics included in this book are as listed below:

  • Introduction to economic theory and behavior i.e. a general overview to help the students prepare for what is to be covered next.

  • Economic ideas and the role people play in the market space.

  • Issues regarding growth, productivity and policies.

  • Production possibilities, issues related to demand and supply etc.

  • Issues of scarcity and tradeoffs.

  • Demand and supply: all related issues.

  • Market efficiency as well as the failure of markets.

  • Role of the public in relation to the market; public choice, decision, policies etc.

  • Market structure and firms.

  • Macroeconomic issues.

  • Microeconomic issues.

  • International economic issues or the global set up.

BeingTo summarize, this book contains all those topics that should be covered by any proper introduction economics book; but what sets it apart is the engaging manner in which it deals with the topics and issues.


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