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Financial Accounting 13th edition

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Financial Accounting 13th edition

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Financial Accounting 13th edition

ISBN: 1133607616

ISBN-13: 9781133607618

Authors: Carl S Warren, James M Reeve, Jonathan Duchac

Details of the book:

FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING 13th e provides active learning, Best seller and Market leading FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING has been on the front position of innovation and change based on the requirements of today's students. Proficient presentation for today's beginner is offered by Author which also helps students to complete their home work. Important information and knowledge is accessible with high force writing style and streamlined plan, Author's complete focus is on providing the most excellent and most complete illustrations. To gain eventual success in lessons the book is built around the way you use textbooks and online resources to discover, study and finish homework. The end goal of Author's text and skill learning system is to stimulate Learning & making you a more active participant in the learning development and making you better prepared ready to take on the rest of your learning and career goals.

Benefits of the Book:

  • Hallmark text

  • Illustration Exercises

  • Comprehensive Learning System

  • Blueprint Questions

  • Best Selling End of Chapter Material

  • Appropriate Chapter Openers

  • Financial Analysis and understanding

  • Business Connections and complete Real World Notes

  • Integrity, Objectivity and morals in Business

  • Ongoing Case Study

  • Descriptive Problem and Solution: A solved problem models one or more of the sections assignment problems so that students can apply the modeled procedures to end of chapter materials.

  • IFRS Reporting/ Evaluation


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