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Financial Accounting 3rd edition

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Financial Accounting 3rd edition

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Financial Accounting 3rd edition

ISBN: 0136115276

ISBN-13: 9780136115274

Authors: Jane L Reimers

Details of the book:

Significance for primary and secondary accounting logics and content are interpreted in a business environment.

Authors of Financial Accounting 3rd e used a Business Process advent which interpreted accounting logics and content in a way that all learners can comprehend by organizing the matter around how corporate world works. This text book starts with approach used in business process and its topic then later it shows the concept following it. Author used very comprehensive and bold writing style and used real world examples.


  • Financial Accounting 3rd e is cautiously built in reaction to studies on learner's reading manner and market investigation. The original Cornerstones access has been established to enhance student rendezvous and attentiveness while correcting results. Cornerstone has illuminated major concept, which backing and develop accounting concepts with a convincing illustration, Calculation for business problems are solved step by step, it has also link to a concise video section that emphasize and compile key concepts and strategy. In the end of chapter Cornerstone Illustrations also refer to Examples used in the section/ chapters, which also allow learner to think of significant examples while finishing assignments, which leads them to become more self-governing learner.

  • In each chapter examples of actual companies are used for ex: Apple, Google and Verizon which also explains how superior decision can be taken by using accounting information. Key Concepts are explained by using genuine financial statements from foremost and familiar companies, Assignments are included in each chapter that requires pupils to examine and understand real financial data for companies (for ex: Under Armour and VF).

  • Ethical and Conversant decisions are most important part in today's corporate world and whereas learner's need to be capable enough to examine business situation attentively. The text includes moral Decisions content throughout the sections and chapters to promote learner to develop these necessary skills and believe the moral inference of their proceedings in every condition.

  • This Edition provides dominant syllabus management and homework tool that offers command and strategy to optimize the pupil learning knowledge and create desired results. It also recommend a range of advantages and expands the precious Cornerstones understanding to an online situation, which includes: Simple to use course syllabus options that gives suppleness and connection between two semesters; vigorous assignment alternative that allow for maximum mentor control; Elegant Entry, which decreases typos and inaccuracy to help learners do their finest effort and comprehend the logic after each answer; the capability to examine student work from the grade book and create information on learning results.

The book contains the following:

Basics of Accounting and the features of Financial Statements.

Detailed Accounting knowledge System.

Classification of Accrual or Accumulation Accounting.

Building the Connection and Integrative Illustration: Accounting Set

Benefits of Internal Control & Cash.

Topics like Sales and Amount due are elaborated

Procedure of Sold Cost of Goods and supply

Working Capital

Building the Connection and Integrative Example: Incorporated Asset Accounting.

Liabilities: Current and Dependent

Liabilities: Long Term

Shareholders Equity

Building the Connection and Integrative Illustration: Incorporated Accounting for Liability and Equity.

Cash Flow statement

Analysis of Financial Statement

Addendum 1. Worldwide Financial Reporting Principles.

Addendum 2. Benefits and strategy of Investment

Addendum 3. Time Worth of Capital

Addendum 4. Financial Statement Sequence: Under Armour.

Addendum 5. Financial Statement Sequence: VF Corp.


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