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Financial Accounting Information for Decisions 6th edition

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Financial Accounting Information for Decisions 6th edition

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Financial Accounting Information for Decisions 6th edition

ISBN: 0078025389

ISBN-13: 9780078025389

Authors: John Wild, John J Wild

Details of the book:

The approach of Financial Accounting: Information for Decisions 6th edition is to help the students to reinforce the concepts efficiently and effectively and also motivates the students to perform better in the field of Accounting. The book assists the students to achieve fast and high learning and efficient studying by given them what they need to succeed in today's Financial Accounting Course.

The last five edition of the book has been very effective and highly praised which makes the book one in itself. The writing style of the writer is innovative, clear, lucid, pertinent, concise, current and accurate which makes the book readable and was able to fetch one of the top positions worldwide in area of Accounting.

The book consists of enhanced presentations, graphics & techniques which cater to variation in learning style and builds up the interest of the student in the subject.

The writer has classified the learning objective as CAP which means Conceptual, Analytical, and Procedural aspect.

The content of the book is written in motivating style accompanied with Self-study quiz, guided examples, and real world examples which provides a clear path for learning and gaining knowledge about the subject.


  • Analytical Approach:The approach followed by the writer is to develop the analytical approach in the students so that they can learn effectively and can achieve success in life which is very helpful in their professional career in the field of accounting.

  • Real-world Examples:The book contains the annual reports of the real world companies such as Apple, Nokia, Palm, Research Motion (makers of Blackberry) and many more in every chapter to develop the understanding of real world accountancy.

  • Multiple Choice Question and Demonstration Problems: The book consists of huge amount of multiple choice questions and demonstration problems which helps in bringing the clear understanding of the concept in end of every chapter.

The book contains the following:

  • Fundamentals of Accounting and its importance in Business with Ethics as a key concept supported by Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and International Standards, Overview of Income statement, Retained Earnings and Balance Sheet.

  • Analysing the transactions and recording them in Journal, Ledger and preparing Trial Balance and using it to prepare Financial Statements.

  • Differentiating between the accrual system and cash basis, providing framework for adjustment and preparing the Financial Statement

  • Reporting income, inventory, purchase, purchase return , operating cycle, sales, sales return and adjustment entries for the Merchandiser and also preparing the financial statement.

  • Determining Inventory item and cost, Different methods to record the Inventory and valuation of Inventory and inventory errors.

  • Recognizing and Valuing Accounts Receivables, estimating Bad Debts, Recognizing and Valuing of Notes Receivable and Selling and Pledging of Receivables.

  • Determining the cost of land, building, plant & machinery and computing their Depreciation, Discarding and Selling of Plant Assets.

  • Defining and classifying the liabilities and the types of liabilities, Accounting for Contingent Liability.

  • Introduction about Bonds, their types and their retirement either at Maturity, before Maturity or through Conversion, Accounting for Long term Notes Payable.

  • Basics about Corporate form of organisations, Issuing of Common Stock and Preference Stock and Declaring Dividends and preparing its Statement.

  • Purpose, Importance, Measurement, Classification of Cash Flow from Operating, Financing, Investing Activities.

  • Purpose of Analysis, About Horizontal Analysis, Vertical Analysis and Analysis of Ratios.


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