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Financial Accounting Theory 6th edition

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Financial Accounting Theory 6th edition

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Financial Accounting Theory 6th edition

ISBN: 0135119154

ISBN-13: 9780135119150

Authors: William R Scott

Details of the book:

The approach used in Financial Accounting Theory 6th edition is a user friendly approach towards the subject which focuses on learning smart so as to achieve success in today's world. This book helps in reinforcing the concept of accounting in an effective manner.

The last five edition of the book were in high demand and quite popular among the students which motivates the writer to write further and to include all the latest and up to date information. The writing style of the writer is motivating, clear, simple, lucid, illustrative and pertinent which makes the understanding of the text effective.

The book consists of interactive presentations, financial accounting theories and additional tools and resources which builds thorough knowledge about the subject.

The book is equipped with latest coverage of IASB standards and U.S. standards which provides the information about latest amendments in the area of financial accounting.

The focus of the book is to help the students in grasping the concept with no difficulty as there are clear explanations of the entire concept with numerous examples and solved and unsolved questions.


  • Analytical Approach:The book seeks to show a wide range of financial decisions situations and how they should be analysed in anapt manner. Aneffortshas been made to describe the various decisions and explain the analytical methods which are helpful in tackling them in an effective manner.

  • Ease and Readability:The writer has made tremendous efforts in keeping the text simple and easy so as to equip the students with basic as well as advanced knowledge about the subject. The writer has tried to keep the text in presentable, illustrative, appealing, and user friendly so that the student can generates his interest in the subject and also helps in keeping in pace with the present environment.

  • End of chapter material:The book contains self-study quiz, guided examples, and multiple choice questions, huge number of problem both solved and unsolved which make the concept easy and highly understandable for the students and enhances their accounting knowledge.


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