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Foundations of Economics 6th edition

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Foundations of Economics 6th edition

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Foundations of Economics 6th edition

ISBN: 0132831058

ISBN-13: 9780132831055

Authors: Robin Bade, Michael Parkin

Publisher: Prentice Hall

Details of the book:

The most important part of the process of learning any subject is setting up a proper foundation of knowledge in it i.e. a solid understanding of the fundamentals and basics of that subject. For once you have mastered the basics of anything, you have got the bedrock, the building blocks, and the rest of it is built on and supported by that same foundation. So, when starting any new subject you must choose carefully the books you refer to; what you'll need, what will be most helpful to you or anyone is a guiding text that explains to you all the basic concepts, definitions, terms, issues and applications involved, avoiding all the jargon.

'Foundations in economics' fits this bill perfectly. It is a lucidly written, comprehensive and all encompassing introductory guide for the uninitiated in the subject, as well as for those who wish to refresh their prior knowledge and understanding. Bade and Parkin takes on each essential issue and explains it succinctly in a simple manner. However, this simplicity is not to be mistaken for paving the way to triviality, after all, you must remember that only when one understands something truly, in all its aspects, can one truly explain it in the simplest of terms.

Further, knowledge is useless until you know how to utilize it in real life applications. Bade and Parkin kept in mind this very fact and tried to instill in the readers a sense of real world application i.e. how to apply their theoretical knowledge in the practical world. This is probably the most important role a book can play, imparting the knowhow of applying your textual knowledge in the field of the work practically. Thus, the authors attempt to break away from the common path treaded by most books, to present to its readers a practice and application oriented text. To fulfill this very role well, a checklist system has been incorporated in the text. The focus on enabling real world applications of textual knowledge has further widened the base of readers of this book. It is no longer constrained to serving only the students of the subjects; it can be beneficial to anyone and everyone, who uses economic knowledge in any form in their real lives.

In short, 'Foundations of Economics' is concise and comprehensive starting guide to the subject of economics which not only imparts the traditionally upheld textual knowledge, but also enables it readers to think analytically and in terms of its real world applications. Further, the content of the text as well as the style of writing enables students and laymen from various fields to benefit from it, no matter what the path of their career is.

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