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Fundamental Managerial Accounting Concept 6th edition

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Fundamental Managerial Accounting Concept 6th edition

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Fundamental Managerial Accounting Concept 6th edition

ISBN: 0078110890

ISBN-13: 9780078110894

Authors: Thomas P Edmonds, Thomas Edmonds, Philip R Olds, Philip Olds, Bor-Yi Tsay

Details of the book:

Assessment making is expectant in Fundamental Managerial Accounting 6th edition by Authors writing style and illustration provided, whereby realistic business scenario are used which can be recount to the actual world. This text book contains complete coverage of basic concepts and readers learn the basic accounting logics through comprehensible and constantly formatted illustrations and exercises. The author's main focus is on students to understand the underlying principles of accounting and not just learn the syllabus. Topics are presented in such a manner to engage students early in the course with material that fits naturally with the course they just look.

This 6th edition begins with practical topics and maintain to link the contract gradually in a step wise style which makes the textbook simple to read and motivating as well as educational. Inaccessible Concepts and Simple Language is first best part of this edition and second best part is Real world examples. Inventive "The Inquisitive Accountant" content which poses a query about a actual world accounting subject help students to develop the decision skill they need in the modern business world. In order to help students to review and refresh topics a "Check Yourself " Feature occur at the end of each main topic. Learners are more comfortable with Excel exercises. With these styles, learners will have several chance to think about what they have just read and then relate that information to definite accounting practice.

The book contains the following:

Material of the textbook helps you to complete the lessons and utilize your time, which includes:

  • Commercial Governance: Exercises and problems relating to Ethics and including coverage of Sarbanes-Oxley.

  • Realism Bytes: Real world survey, results, graphs etc .to correlate the text to actual accounting practice.

  • Excel Spreadsheet software with Instructions.

  • Significant, Managerial accounting content related to a realistic company.

  • A Look Back /A Look Forward Feature: A Roadmap to review and to get introduce to the chapter.

  • Self study Review Problems: Representative problems with detailed worked out solutions with iPod animated audio presentations.

  • The Curious Accountant: A short vignette question regarding a real world accounting issue.

  • Check Yourself: Each chapter has short question/answer at the end of each topic for the guidance of the students for the difficult concepts.

  • Analyze, Think, Communicate (ATC): Contains assignments, group exercises, ethics cases and Real Company examples.

  • Focus on International Issue: Significant and timely articles to improve your understanding and knowledge.

  • Instruction Systems Logics

This Textbook helps the readers to learn the following areas:

  • Accounts Management and Corporate Governance

  • Behavior of Cost ,Operating Leverage and Profitability Analysis

  • CVP Analysis to increase Profitability

  • Cost Accumulation, Allocation and Tracing

  • Costing Management in an Automated Business Environment: ABC and TQM

  • Decision making

  • Cost Control Planning

  • Evaluation of Performance

  • Concept of Responsibility Accounting and Analysis of Return on Investment

  • Capital Investments Planning

  • Product and Service Costing in Entities

  • Job-order, Process Costing and Hybrid Costing Systems

  • Analysis of Financial Statement

  • Cash Flow Statement


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