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Fundamental of Advanced Accounting 5th edition

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Fundamental of Advanced Accounting 5th edition

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Fundamental of Advanced Accounting 5th edition

ISBN: 0078025397

ISBN-13: 9780078025396

Authors: Joe Ben Hoyle, Thomas Schaefer, Timothy Doupnik

Details of the book:

The approach used in the fundamental of advanced accounting 5th edition, allows the user to develop comprehensive and integrated learning approach towards the advanced accounting. With this book reader gains a conceptual and hard core knowledge about the subject. It includes a detailed coverage of all three methods of consolidated financial reporting which are cost method, partial equity method and complete equity method.

The last four edition of fundamental of Advanced Accounting was very popular among the readers which motivates the writer to write 5th edition. The writing style of the writer is illustrative, lucid, appealing and distinctive which is quite popular among the students as well as teachers which make the book a user friendly and popular.

The content of the book is in Conversational Tone which make it a distinct in itself.

The edition of the book provides relevant and up-to-date accounting standard references to Financial Accounting Standard Board (FASB) with Accounting Standard Codification (ASC).

The textbook is equipped with numerous illustrations and real world examples followed by mini cases which presents the subject in presentable and attractive manner.


  • Evocative thinking: the book focuses on developing the thinking of an individual in such a way that every concept is crystal clear in his mind about the advanced accounting. It prepares the individual for its future career and develops his knowledge accordingly. It also enhance critical thinking in individual which helps in taking decisions effectively in the job.

  • Readability: The writing format of the writer is very informative and is written in very simple, attractive and lucid way which helps the readers in gaining immense knowledge about the subject. The topics covered in the book are comprehensive and covers all the information necessary to become a good accounting professional.

  • Real world examples: The book sites real world examples which help them to co-relate what they have studied in the text. Various articles, illustrations has been fetched from top nodge business magazines like Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, Time and Business Week to make the understanding of the subject.

  • Numerous questions: The textbook is accompanied with a huge lot of questions in between as well as the end of the chapter which helps the student in understanding that why the topic is problematic and need thorough understanding of it.

The book contains the following:

  • Methods of Accounting for Investments in Equity Shares of Another Company, basic equity accounting methods, Journal entries, Financial Reporting and Cost Allocation with updated real world references.

  • Corporate Takeover leads to Expansion, process of consolidating Financial statements and methods of Acquisition.

  • Investment Accounting by acquiring Company by using Equity Method, Initial Value Method& Partial Equity Method, Internal & External Reporting.

  • Allocating the Subsidiary's Net Income to the parent, Revenue and Expenditure reporting for Mid-Year Acquisitions.

  • Intra Entity Sales and Purchase Accounting, Unrealised Gross Profit, Transfer of Land and Depreciable Assets.

  • Consolidation and Procedures of Variable Interest Entities, Intra Entity Debt Transactions and its effects.

  • Foreign Exchange Rates Mechanisms, Spot and Forward Rates, Option Contracts, Hedging of Foreign Exchange Risk, Derivatives Accounting.

  • Translation Methods and Adjustments of Foreign Currency Financial Statements.

  • Accounting and Formation of Partnership, its advantages and disadvantages

  • Termination and Liquidation of Partnership by protecting the interest of both the parties.

  • About Capital Leases, Solid Waste Landfill, State and Local financial Accounting.


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