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Fundamentals of Economics 6th edition

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Fundamentals of Economics 6th edition

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Fundamentals of Economics 6th edition

ISBN: 1133956106

ISBN-13: 9781133956105

Authors: William Boyes, Michael Melvin

Publisher: CENGAGE Learning

Details of the book:

Prepared to fit the syllabus of the introductory economics course especially those taken by non-majors, Melvin and Boyes's FUNDAMENTALS OF ECONOMICS, Sixth Edition, involves students in the subject by helping them relate with decision making process of businesses of real world headline-making, impactful companies. It also discusses in a balanced manner the economic policies taken at the global platform by various world leaders.

The Sixth Edition has been carefully updated to shed light on the present economic state in the United States as well as the world around. A substantial portion of the book is dedicated to look into the recent occurring under the Obama government, with special focus on the much debated healthcare sector.

The book is designed to help make the learning procedure much easier for the students and facilitate internalization of the knowledge. For this reason the authors have included features like Fundamental Questions at the opening of each chapter, following which the chapters are constructed to focus on three to six different key issues, finally each chapter is concluded with a recapitulating summarization of that which was taught before. The book also includes a checklist or check point system with answers provided at the end of the book and other exercises which can be treated as homework assignment for course instructors. The presence of an incorporated study guide in every chapter also helps students revise what they have learnt on their own. The learning procedure is further bolstered with the final portion dedicated to application based problems.

The book contains the following:

As pointed by the name itself the book covers the required knowledge on the fundamental principles of the subject these includes topics like markets, market processes, global economics and other issues related to the market phenomenon. Other topics included are those involving social issues, firms, business, and government's role in the economic world, consumers and their roles and choices in the marketplace, issues of national and global importance in the field of economics. Apart from these topics ample coverage is provided on issues from macroeconomics with special focus on the issue of globalization and its effects on the markets of the world.

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