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Health Economics 1st edition

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Health Economics 1st edition

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Health Economics 1st edition

ISBN: 0262016761

ISBN-13: 9780262016766

Authors: Frank A Sloan, Chee-Ruey Hsieh

Publisher: MIT Press

Details of the book:

The field of research and study on health economics is expanding continually and this book is a highly useful and effective source of knowledge in this regard. The authors have made an effort to explain the intricacies of the different and varied health systems from various parts of the world in a concrete theoretical framework. Thus, the book weaves together the much needed technical knowledge with real world and empirical verification, and puts forth a comprehensive guide to understanding the workings of the health care system and its role in the market. it explores each component in the health care system to provide a well rounded, all encompassing look on the subject, hence it looks into the role of the individuals, then moves on to the firms, then the market i.e. it makes a point by point macroeconomic analysis of the entire healthcare system. Due to the inclusion of the updated information on the healthcare systems of the United States the book can be especially useful to the students of the undergraduate courses on the subject focusing specially on the US. In fact the book can also be useful to those who are pursuing a Masters on the subject to the extensive coverage of advanced topics within it like those of the chapters on Nurses and pharma companies. The text also comes with numerous other supports and learning aides like links to various online sites which provide details on relevant policies and issues.


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