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Health Economics 5th edition

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Health Economics 5th edition

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Health Economics 5th edition

ISBN: 0132948532

ISBN-13: 9780132948531

Authors: Charles E Phelps

Publisher: Prentice Hall

Details of the book:

A unique book, Phelps' health economics looks into recent health policy issues in the light of economic theory and practice. It combines such policy issues with recent research in the field and economic data, and offers a comprehensive overview of the entire subject. The book maintains a lucid approach throughout the text and offers an accessible version of these important to all readers. The book is largely divided into two parts, the early part looks into various empirical studies and tests and employs them to build a strong methodological groundwork on which the latter part of the book stands. The latter part of the book utilizes the matter of the early part to look into critically all those practical issues involved in core policy areas. This section examines a wide range of issues from organization and effects of Medicare reform, to various aspects of insurance plans. It also covers the new additions to these areas like the technologies in the health care community etc.

It is a highly useful book on the subject of health economics, and is known for being an excellent guide to learners of any age and background. Its simple narration of important topics makes it all the more interesting and accessible to the learners and readers.

The book contains the following:

The chapters included in the book are all related to the fields of economic theory and health reforms and their interconnections. It begins with an account of why health economics is important at all, then moves on to the topic of utility and health. Following this comes the story of the transformation of medical care to that of health. The issue of medical care has been well examined throughout the text in all its aspects. These include information on the Demand for Medical Care, the Conceptual Framework on which the subject stands the various empirical studies of Medical Care Demand and their relevant, real world, practical Applications. Another section is devoted to the physician and all its related issues like the Physician Firm, Physicians in the Marketplace etc. the role of hospitals come next, and we see chapters on the hospital as a Supplier of Medical Care, and hospitals in the Marketplace. In the health insurance and coverage section, the issues covered are the very demand for Health Coverage, the supply of Health Insurance and Managed Care; Government Provision of Health Insurance etc.

A very important issue dealt with in this book is that of Medical Malpractices. The remaining chapters in the book cover on various other issues like Externalities in Health and Medical Care; managing the arena of the Market i.e. the presence of Regulation and latest Technical Change in Health Care; Universal Insurance Issues and International Comparisons of Health Care Systems.


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