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Intermediate Accounting 19th Edition

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Intermediate Accounting 19th Edition

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Intermediate Accounting 19th Edition

ISBN: 1133957919

ISBN-13: 9781133957911

Authors: Earl K Stice, James D Stice

Details of the book:

The approach of Intermediate Accounting 19th edition, allows the readers to think significantly about the accounting as it helps the student to grow in accounting and to make the basic concepts of accounting clear in their minds. It helps in attaining hard core knowledge about the subject including the study of central activities of the business.

The last eighteen edition of the book has done tremendously well which act as the motivational factor for the writer to write nineteen edition of the book. The writing approach of the writer is extremely commendable as he has presented complex topics in a simplex manner and maintained the text informative, comprehensive, simple and lucid which has made the text the market leaders in the world of accounting. It is also quite popular among the teachers who teach accounting.

The Intermediate Accounting is based on user decision making approach and comprises of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles(GAAP) and IFRS which helps in understanding the concept effectively and efficiently.

The textbook is equipped with numerous examples, questions and mini-cases which give a better understanding about the concept and facilitates in depth knowledge about the subject.

It provides the latest and cutting edge information which is important to present day managers and decision makers.

It develops ability to analyse and interpret various tools of financial analysis and planning and to solve simple cases.

The book is based on building block approach which aims at achieving a well-balanced and enhancing approach towards the accounting which helps in keeping in pace with present as well as future environment.

The book contains the following:

  • Ease and Readability: The writer has presented the text in such a simple and lucid manner because of which all the editions of the author were highly praised. The writer has made every attempt to keep the text elaborative, captivating, compelling, evocative and fascinating so to make the user grab all the information in efficient and effective way.

  • Real world Illustration: As to give up to date and current information about accounting the text is supported by numerous real world illustration of such type. The real world illustrations helps to know about the topic well and also helps in updating the knowledge of an individual which he can apply in his professional career.

  • End of chapter material: The book contains a huge lot of question at the end of each chapter so as to have clear understanding about the concept and also helps in preparing of the exams in well and steady manner.


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