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International Economics 2nd edition

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International Economics 2nd edition

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International Economics 2nd edition

ISBN: 1429231181

ISBN-13: 9781429231183

Authors: Robert C Feenstra, Feenstra, Alan M Taylor

Publisher: Worth Publishers.

Details of the book:

Conventionally any book on the subject of international economics focuses majorly on the developed nations of the world, but Feenstra and Taylor pay careful attention to the developing countries and their markets as well. Thus, it truly explores the realm of international economics along with all its issues and nuances, rather than providing a biased and mainstream viewpoint. This aspect alone makes it stand out against the numerous other options available in the market. Further, the book acts as a well constructed bridge between the theoretical aspect of the subject and its real world manifestations. The age old, time tested information are packaged in a 21st century worthy garb, and backed with up to date data and information. Examples from the present times, noteworthy headlines are provided wherever necessary, thereby creating a link between the textual and the practical, thus facilitating faster learning. This is especially helpful as the subject itself gets rather complicated as you delve in deeper, when such difficulties are countered by real life, everyday examples, it becomes easier to do away with confusions and even develop one's own critical view point. Themes covered under the book are mostly associated with macroeconomic issues and affairs , along with everything that falls under international business and economics like foreign exchange, exchange of goods, tariffs and barriers (their presence or absence) etc


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