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International Economics 3rd edition

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International Economics 3rd edition

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International Economics 3rd edition

ISBN: 0136054692

ISBN-13: 9780136054696

Authors: W Charles Sawyer, Richard L Sprinkle

Publisher: Prentice Hall

Details of the book:

Sawyer and Sprinkle's International Economics is an excellent guide not only for those who are taking the course but also to those who are even remotely interested in the subject. And since economics is a subject which cuts across various other streams of education and affects all our lives in some way or the other, the benefits of this text thus can be reaped by one and all.

'International economics' by Sawyer and Sprinkle is a succinctly written concise and contemporary guide to the world of economics in the global arena, The authors expertly weave together the basics of economic theory along with the practical knowhow of its application, especially its application at a global level. The matter of the text will help students grasp a better understanding of international economic publications like the World Street Journal, as well as make decisive business choices, keeping in mind its global ramifications.

The book looks into the constantly changing and evolving face of the subject of economics and takes a very updated and contemporary approach to help readers understand it in the context of the 21st century. Thus the utility of the book spreads beyond classroom and touches all, including private citizens or individuals interested in understanding the role of global economics in their business and lives to government officials who take highly impactful financial decisions and make the decisive economic policies. The 3rd edition which consists of all the relevant updates and latest information from the subject also enables readers to learn, how to apply their knowledge in the real world. Thus, traditional economic theory is supplemented with knowledge of its real world applications. Such an approach sets Sawyer and Sprinkle's book apart from the others on the same subject, available in the market today. To make the book more relevant and helpful, the authors have incorporated the use of certain analytical tools in it, but these are the same as those utilized in the principles of economic courses, thus students are inconvenienced greatly by the introduction of some overtly complicated new methods.

The text focuses considerably on topics like open economy macroeconomics, world trade, factor movements, economic development and foreign exchange. The lucid explanation of even the most difficult concepts helps build a solid foundation in the subject, without trivializing the issue. This makes it all the more helpful to those who do not have prior knowledge of the subject, or are just beginning. Thus, over all this text is an excellent introductory guide to the topic of international economics for all, whether they are a student of economics itself or student of some other discipline, or an executive looking to brush up his knowledge, a government official dealing with economic decisions and policies of global proportions or even just a keen private citizen. If you are interested in knowing how the world of economics operates in the 21st century, on the global platform, this book is the key to your success- updated, contemporary, simplified, concise, yet not uselessly basic or a child's play.

The book contains the following:

  • Chapter 1. Introduction
  • Chapter 2. Reasons behind international trade
  • Chapter 3. Comparative Advantage etc.
  • Chapter 4. Factor Endowments of trade
  • Chapter 5. Trade within industries
  • Chapter 6. Movements of international factors
  • Chapter 7. Tariffs
  • Chapter 8. Distortions in trade
  • Chapter 9. Global Trade Policy
  • Chapter 10. Economic planning in particular regions
  • Chapter 11. Global Trade and Growth of economies, among other topics.

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