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International Economics 6th edition

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International Economics 6th edition

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International Economics 6th edition

ISBN: 0132948915

ISBN-13: 9780132948913

Authors: James Gerber

Publisher: Pearson Series

Details of the book:

The field of international economics is not limited to only those who study the subject of economics. It cuts across disciplines covering other subjects of social sciences like political science etc. and can even benefit those who are interested in keeping up with major global events (as a part of their jobs or otherwise). But the arena of international economics is far too wide and constantly changing, therefore it is important to understand the related concepts in a manner which will help the readers apply them in real world context no matter the age, place or time; hence, it is all the more difficult to find one comprehensive book on the subject. International Economics 6th edition strives to achieve just that.

International economics 6th edition is an essential text for all those taking the principles course; it is also useful for students from other majors as well as professionals who need to brush up on the subject. The book employs the use of a substantial repository of case studies to illustrate the features and roles of economic institutions and policies with real world applications, in keeping with its aim of providing real world applications the book furnishes a number of examples of real world events and developments related to the text of the book. An additional quality of this particular book is that it does not presuppose the knowledge of its readers; you need not have prior knowledge in higher level mathematics to understand this text despite its use of graphs and tables, you can belong to any major and learn a lot from International Economics by James Gerber.

The 6th edition covers similar topics as the fifth edition, though with more revisions and updated information and examples. One major focus area of the text is its chapter on US and its position in the world economy. This chapter has been especially revised with carefully selected accounts of the nation's trade agreements and case studies on its preferential agreements. Thus it includes a comprehensive and as far practicable, conclusive coverage of US's role in the international economic market.

The book has been designed in such a manner so that it can be easily adapted by the teachers and guides using it, in their own way, suiting to any kind of syllabi. Further, to help the students, the book provides a list of what the learning goals are of a chapter for every student or reader of the book. The book also comes with the help of MyEconLab, the very helpful online tutorial platform. An important point to remember here is that the service of MyEconLab does not come automatically with the text if you are purchasing a standalone copy or an electronic one. The services of the assignment and homework platform can be purchased (only on the recommendation of your instructor) either from the home site or along with the book from the Pearson higher education site.

The book contains the following:

  • The book opens with an introduction to the international economic institutions and their role since the 2nd world war and an impressive coverage of US's place in the arena of international economics.

  • The following segment offers an insight into the world of international trade with chapters on comparative advantages from Trade, Factor Endowments and beyond it. Other topics in this part include those of Tariffs and Quotas, Commercial Policy, International Labor, Environmental and trade principles.

  • Next comes the portion on international finance e.g. Balance of Payments, Exchange Rates, introduction to macroeconomics and open economy, the international financial crisis etc.

  • Finally, the concluding portion is on the regional issues in international economics e.g. United States' place in the World Economy, The European Union, BRIC countries, Trade and Policy in Latin American nations, East Asia and its export based growth etc.


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