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International Economics 9th edition

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International Economics 9th edition

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International Economics 9th edition

ISBN: 0132146657

ISBN-13: 9780132146654

Authors: Paul R Krugman, Maurice Obstfeld, Marc J Melitz, Marc Melitz

Publisher: Prentice Hall

Details of the book:

Authored by Nobel laureate Paul Krugman, alongside researcher renowned Maurice Obstfeld and Harvard's own Marc J Melitz, 'International Economics' raises the market standard of the subject, both nationally and internationally, specifically in the field of theory and policy. Each chapter of the book begins with an introduction to the theories in international economics and effortlessly flows into its policy applications, providing students a lucid encounter of both. Presently the new design of MyEconLab is available for this book. Thus, teachers and students can follow up on the course after the chapters are done. New assignments, study plans and follow up exercises designed to fit after every issue and concept discussed, to ensure the better understanding and internalizing of the topics covered, are presented via this service, teacher can themselves send mails regarding any issue or exercises involved; students get instant, personalized feedback, correction and encouragement thus quickening and bettering the learning process. Thus, the text combined with the services of MyEconLab provides an enriched learning and teaching experience for all students and teachers involved in the process.

Pearson's online tutorial and assessment system helps students and teachers facilitate a better learning experience involving interactive discussion board, chat, group work, participation etc.

The book contains the following:

  • International trade theory (an overview of world trade, the Ricardian model: labour productivity and comparative advantage, income distribution and its related factors, topics of resources and trade including issues of the standard trade models, production and its international location, the position of firms in the international economy: export and related affairs, multinational enterprises and outsourcing functions and effects).

  • International trading policy (instruments involved in this field, the political economic side of the issue, the various controversies linked to the subject and its present condition in the evolving economies of the developing world).

  • Open economy macroeconomics and involved exchange rates (accounting and measurement of national income, balance of payment assessment, foreign exchange market, its rates and its related areas, exchange rate both in the long and short run fixed exchange rates and interventions in the market, money, output and price levels).

  • Macroeconomic policies in the international arena (Historical encounter of the international monetary systems, the opportunity and crises of financial globalization, optimum currency areas in the European market and the changing economic terrain of the developing world).


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