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Introductory Statistics - 8th edition

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Introductory Statistics - 8th edition

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Introductory Statistics - 8th edition

EISBN: 1118473981

EISBN-13: 9781118473986

Authors: Prem S Mann

Details of the book:

Introductory Statistics is a first track course in applied statistics that is based on one or two semester and this book is designed for the students who base in mathematics is not so strong. One should just need to know the knowledge of elementary algebra. The book "Introductory Statistics" is well known for the exercises, real life examples, concise and clear presentation, and pedagogical approach.

The book contains the following:

  • Basic concepts of Statistics.

  • Case studies, Glossary ,Uses and Misuses , Mini-Project , Self-Review Test ,Supplementary Exercises , Self decision, Technological Assignments and instructions are been included for each and every chapter.

  • How data should be organized and graphed- Cumulative Frequency Distributions, Dot-plots and Stem-and-Leaf Displays.

  • Descriptive statistics-Measures of Central Tendency and Measures of Dispersion, Box and whisker plots.

  • The basic concepts of probability.

  • Different types of Discrete and Continuous Probability Distributions

  • Approximation to normal distribution.

  • Estimation of mean and proportion-Point and Interval estimation, Estimation in large samples.

  • Hypothesis testing for mean and proportion.

  • Two populations estimation and hypothesis testing- Difference of means for two independent samples for known and unknown standard deviation, Difference of means for paired samples, Difference of proportions for large samples.

  • The use of Chi-square tests-Distribution, Goodness-of-Fit, Homogeneity and Independence tests, and inferences of population variance.

  • ANOVA One and Two way classification and F distribution.

  • Simple Linear Regression.

  • Appendixes containing sampling techniques, sample surveys, design of experiments and explanation of data sets and statistical tables.

  • The concept of index numbers - Government Statistics and Consumer Price Index.

  • The concept of chances and Probability Models.

  • What is Simulation?

  • The basic concepts of Expected Values

  • Statistical Inferences-. Confidence Interval, Test of Significance and its uses.

  • Inclusion of categorical data: Two-Way Tables and how to perform the Chi Square Test.


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