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Statistics - 9th edition

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troductory Statistics - 9th edition

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Introductory Statistics - 9th edition

EISBN: 0321830997

EISBN-13: 9780321830999

Authors: Neil A Weiss

Details of the book:

Introductory Statistics: 'Introductory Statistics, Ninth Edition' by Weiss introduces us to statistical reasoning and critical thinking through the statistics lessons. It' appropriate for course duration of one or two semester. The book is a comprehensive one and it emphasizes on scrupulous and detailed explanations for better explanations. In the book ' Introductory Statistics, Ninth Edition' ,there are a lot of data sets and many exercises that include real data and thus aiding the students to apply their statistics theoretical knowledge and make it more interesting. Weiss have used both the critical- value and the p-value approach simultaneously for hypothesis testing in inference, allowing us to know how much flexible the approaches are and also we can compare the two approaches. The 9th edition of the book is characterized by the use of technology, statistical pedagogy and data analysis. The special thing about this book is that it includes new updated exercises that include real data from magazines, journals, websites and newspapers.

The book contains the following:

  • Inclusion of Formula or Table Card in the text book is a great help for the students to get a quick view of the various statistical formulas and tables.

  • A large number of datasets in different formats viz. Excel, JMP, Minitab, SPSS, Text and TI files are also available in the text book.

  • Each chapter in the book contains focus database and focus sample which focuses on data analysis and the files are present in different formats viz. Excel, JMP, Minitab, SPSS and Text.

  • Statistical technologies are been included in the book which tells us how we should input data in software like Excel, Minitab, SPSS, and TI -83/84 plus and perform the different statistical analyses. Thus helping the students to understand the subject practically.

  • A JMP concept discovery module is included in the text book and is a simple and a fun way to learn statistical concept covered in the text book. It is programmed by Wayne Levin and Brian McFarlane of Predictum Inc and is developed by Bill Duckworth of Creighton University and Amy Froelich of Iowa State University. So it is a great help to the students. JMP statistical software, version 7 or later is required for the module.

  • Extended coverage of ANOVA, regression analysis and experimental design is included in the text books.


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