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Management Accounting 6th edition

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Management Accounting 6th edition

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Management Accounting 6th edition

ISBN: 0137024975

ISBN-13: 9780137024971

Authors: Anthony A Atkinson, Robert S Kaplan, Mark E Young, Ella Mae Matsumura, S Mark Young

Details of the book:

Welcome to an advent to management accounting from the viewpoint of corporate executive.

This text book provides complete knowledge for opinion and planning how corporate managers can guess and supervise the cost and profit of their goods and consumers. This edition also features how executives use monetary and non financial education to develop processes, encourage employee growth, develop and design fresh products.


  • For Preliminary Management or MBA syllabus.

  • This text book provides an incorporated structure.

  • Based on fundamentals new topics and theories are combined.

  • Different real world case studies are included.

  • Section opening sketch or explanation.

New Topics added in 6th e:

Ch2 contains new topics how to plan and manage strategy and the objective Result to explain and communicate the planning of commercial (profit) and non profit company.

Basic Cost logics begin to utilization of activity based and time driven costing for running product productivity and connecting to resource competence preparation and for budget.

New chapter contains new topics to measure and manage client presentation with monetary and non profit knowledge.

Extended management of life cycle which includes significant profit and non profit knowledge for the merchandise expansion process.

The book contains the following:

  • How Decision making is done with the support of Management Accounting Knowledge

  • Strategy, planning and the Objective Scorecard

  • What is the use of Cost in Judgment

  • Accumulate and Transmission of Expenses to Products

  • Cost System which is action based

  • Measure and Manage Client Relation

  • Manage and Measure Process Presentation

  • Manage and Measure Life Cycle Cost

  • Different Issues like organizational and Behavior roles in Organization Accounting and role of control system

  • Coordination and Strategy planning using Budgeting concepts

  • Financial and Non financial Control


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