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Managerial Accounting 11th edition

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Managerial Accounting 11th edition

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Managerial Accounting 11th edition

ISBN: 1111571260

ISBN-13: 9781111571269

Authors: Michael W Maher, Clyde P Stickney, Roman L Weil

Details of the book:

Managerial Accounting 11th e poise the managerial accounting reporting with a prominence on administration judgment. Fundamental managerial accounting notions are united with the current progressive matter significant to today's administrators and assessment makers. Global problems within todays globalize trade situation, the calculated influence of judgment, a focus on morals that reveal this part of rising study, and emphasize on fresh management accounting styles are tinted. Several reasonable illustrations and application questions highlight method development and the incorporation of financial statement question for organization opinion. This edition also helps learners to comprehend the up-and-coming service segment, administration and nonprofit associations for continuing business achievement.


  • Illustration Exercises: Example exercises in 11th edition were developed to support conception and measures in a courageous innovative way based on general market response. Similar to an instructor in the classroom, pupils pursue the author's illustration to spot how to finish accounting submission in the workbook. Illustration exercises go hand in hand with Practice Exercises in the training so learners get the accounting knowledge they require.

  • "At a Glimpse" Section Synopsis: At the end of each chapter "At a Glimpse" synopsis bind the whole thing collectively and assist students to continue on path. The answer summit summarizes the chapter topic for all section objectives. If students require additional practice on a precise result, the very last two features are suggested associated Illustration Exercises and their parallel Practice drills. Also the "At a Glimpse" direct the stressed students from the exchangeable Practice drills to the resources in the section that will assist them to finish their groundwork. With this instinctive framework, all of the chapter information connects jointly in one plainly incorporated précis.

  • Best seller End of Section Material: Learners require applying accounting so that they can comprehend and utilize it. To help students with the maximum probable benefit in the actual world, Eleventh Edition goes further than presenting hypothesis and process with complete, time based end of chapter matter.

  • Attractive Chapter Introduction: After the success of precedent editions, these Chapter openers use actual companies, for example BMW to help learners relate to managerial accounting and trade concepts in the sections. They offer important imminent into actual practice. Some interesting companies like Facebook and Scripps-Howard are used as chapter openers in this edition.

  • Industry Connections and Complete Actual World Comments: Learners get a close look at how accounting works in the market during a range of items in the limitations and in the "Industry Connections" boxed. Also a range of end of chapter drills and questions utilize actual world information to give pupils a feel for the matter that accountants witness every day.

  • Honesty, Impartiality and Principles in Trade: In all chapters these cases help learners to expand their moral scope. Activities given at end of Chapter are combined with debate in class or learner can judge the cases as they study the section.

  • Descriptive Problem and Explanation: Solved questions are offered in chapters so that it can help student to apply the replica actions at the end of chapter subject.

The book contains the following:

  • Ethics and Concepts used in Managerial Accounting

  • Job Classify Costing.

  • Procedure Cost Structure.

  • Examination of Cost Behavior & Cost Volume Profit

  • Management Examines Variable Cost.

  • Budget

  • Presentation appraisal Using deviation from Standard Cost.

  • Performance Analysis for Separate Operation.

  • Discrepancy Examination and Merchandise Pricing.

  • Principal Investment Study.

  • Cost Allotment and Movement Based Price.

  • Cost Managing for Just in Time setting.

  • Report of Cash Flows.

  • Financial Report Study


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