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Managerial Accounting - 14th edition

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Managerial Accounting - 14th edition

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Managerial Accounting - 14th edition

ISBN: 0078111005

ISBN-13: 9780078111006

Authors: Garrison, Ray Garrison, Eric Noreen,Ray H Garrison, Eric W Noreen, Peter Brewer, Peter C Brewer

Details of the book:

Garrison's 'Managerial Accounting' is the best-selling book on managerial accounting that has helped a large number of students. It was the first published book on managerial accounting that made it more popular. It tells us that three functions must be performed by the manager of an organization, the functions are - (i) Plan operations (ii) Control activities and (iii) Making Decisions. Moreover, the book explains what accounting information are required for the above three functions, how it should be collected and interpreted etc. This book is well known for its clarity, accuracy and relevance. The most important supplements accompanying the book like Test bank, solutions manual, instructor's manual and study guide are being written by the authors that resulted in making them highly consistent with the textbook and of very high quality indeed.

Managerial Accounting book contains the following:

  • It gives an overview of managerial accounting.
  • Cost concepts and managerial accounting.
  • Job order and process costing
  • The relationships of cost-volume and profit
  • Tools for managing the segment reporting a variable costing.
  • How decisions should be made and analysis of performance and flexible budgets, measurement of the performance of decentralized organizations are also there in the book.
  • Inclusion of Standard costs and variances and Differential Analysis.
  • Decisions of capital budgeting, statement of cash flows and analysis of financial statement are also given.

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